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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Daima serves khichdi and masala chaas/butter milk to Jaggi and asks him to have it. Jaggi thinks she added masalas properly in khichdi, but something is wrong and he should not have it. Meera searches photographs in Bhavani’s room and finds it under cupboard. She checks them and thinks she will show these photographs to Dharamji and prove that Bhavani herself killed her husband. Bhavani returns home. Vidya stops her and asks if she wants to have tea. Meera hears that and drops photographs. She hurriedly tries to hide them. Bhavani asks Vidya why her tone is changed, if she mixed poison in tea. Vidya warns not to talk rubbish in front of children. Bhavani walks towards home and asks Meera what is she doing here. Meera says this is also her room, sees photo on floor and pushes in with her legs and tells Vidya let us go. Bhavani feels something is wrong.

Gopi brings Jaggi’s belongings to her room and says he can stay in her room. She sees khichdi and chaas and asks him to have it. Jaggi says he does not want to eat Daima’s prepared food as he doubts her. Daima standing near door thinks food is fine, but oil is not. Jaggi insists. Kokila enters and says Jaggi is right, if he is doubting Daima’s prepared food, he should not have it.

Ricky wipes his upper body after a bath in front of mirror. Sameera comes wearing shorts and small top. He stands staring at her beauty. She slips and falls on him. He gets romantic and closes eyes to kiss her, opens eyes and sees Pinku instead and shouts what the hell.. Pinku asks to go ahead. Ricky asks why did he come in between. Sameera comes and asks what happened. Pinku says he is not getting sleep and wants to play cards, he feels afraid alone in a room. Sameera says he is right, so she stays with him always. They both play cards. Kokila enters calling Ramakanth. Pinku asks her to play card with him. Kokila says cards lead to destroyal and she does not want any of her family members play it. She asks all 3 to come for early morning pooja tomorrow. She goes to Urmil and Gopi and tells that Ramakanth is sitting sadly and Sameera and her brother are playing cards. Urmila laughs that Ramakanth will know whom he married.

Meera shows Bhavani’s photos to Vidya and waits for Dharam. Dharam comes. Meera says she wants him to see Bhavani’s true colors and gives photographs. He opens envelope and sees his and Meera’s wedding pics. He shouts not to provoke him and leaves. Bhavani laughs on Meera that she saw her playing football with photographs. Meera shouts.

Modi family gathers for morning pooja. Kokila says today is Ramakath’s first aarti after marriage. Ricky comes and says he called Sameera and Pinku, but they did not come. Sameera comes wearing skimpy blouse. Urmila fumes she cannot see this early morning. Pinku comments Sameera is looking hot. Jaggi comments Kanhaji should not let him see all this early morning and spoil his day. Gopi asks Sameera to go and change her dress. Sameeera says then everyone should change dress. Pinku comments he has seen Gopikas dancing around Krishna wearing similar clothes. Kokila shouts enough now, go and change. Sameera says when her husband does not have any problem, others also should not. Kokila continues shouting nobody should break rules in her home.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gopi hugs Sameera saying she came to hug her forgetting all issues. Pinku tells tomorrow during Sameera’s muh dikhayi, there will be a big drama.

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