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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Gaura angrily strangulates Chanda. Chanda shouts and tells Gaura that property papers on the other side and asks what will she say when Vidya comes. Gaura gets back on chair. Vidya comes running and asks what happened. Chanda says they saw a big chameleon entering room, so she shouted. Vidya asks Gaura if she is fine. Gaura says yes.

Girl hides under Jai and Veeru’s bed at night. She gets up and peeps from window and sees goons still outside gate. She gets back under bed and sleeps pulling Jai and Veeru’s blanket.

Jaggi goes to Gopi’s room and asks if hospital people will bring maa home. Gopi says yes. Jaggi says she has to work a lot. Gopi says maasi is like maa, so she does not mind. Jaggi praises her that she is so cool and is his just life..then says

partner, thanks for being my best partner. Gopi nods yes. Urmila watches them and thanks god for making them each other’s support.

Jai and Veeru fight for blanket thinking each one is pulling blanket, but girl has pulled one blanket down. Sona comes and scolds why they are fighting at night. Jai and Veeru say their blanket is missing. Sonu says she kept 2 blankets. They joke old man would have taken blanket. Sona says they brag anything and takes them to her room.

In the morning, Sona gives breakfast to Jai and Veeru. They discuss they need to get toy gun and try to pick it standing on chair. Girl wakes up hearing sound and just when they are about to fall holds and saves them. They both discuss who is this girl, they have to inform family. Girl pleads not to inform anyone. They say she has to obey them, eat their food and do their homework. Girl agrees. They ask to finish breakfast. She does. Sona comes asking if they finished breakfast. Girl hides under bed. Sona is surprised seeing breakfast plates empty. They say they need gif. Gopi comes and gives them books as gift. They discuss they will not let her/girl go. Gopi asks whom. They say her. Sona says they become mischievous.

Gopi gets a call from lawyer that Kokila’s court hearing finished and Kokila requested judge to finish her hearing beforehand and not inform her family. She runs down and informs family, says she does not know why maaji is doing this. She gets hospital’s staff’s call and tells them that arrangements have been made, they can send Urvashi home. She then asks Jaggi to go and bring maasi home. Jaggi leaves. Mona and Pari discuss now Modi bhavan will become hospital.

Sona informs Gopi and others about the incidents happening at home, she feels her children have changed. Gopi says even she felt same and describes kitchen incident. Mona says even she felt same, kitchen was clean when she went. Urmila says something is wrong.

Gopi calls hospital and asks them to send 2-3 extra oxygen cylinders for Urvashi. She calls medical shop and asks them to send all the equipments kept in hospital. Jaggi brings Urvashi home on a bed. Gopi gets happy and says god does good for good people. Jaggi prays that Urmila should return home soon. Gopi says yes. Urvashi is taken to her room. Jaggi keeps Urvashi’s items around and says he wants her to feel home when she wakes up. Urmila asks him to stop crying. Jaggi says he did not see maa so silent before. Parag says GGopi is right, soon Urvashi will get well in home environment. He applies Urvashi’s favorite cold cream on her feet. Goons plan to enter Modi bhavan and one of them enters as courier boy. Gopi receives courier.

Precap: Gaura sees Vidya coming, runs and sits on chair. Vidya sees her short of breath and asks what happened to her. Chanda says she came running and walk walk.

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