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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Dolly and Samar that she will meet them later. Munna asks Samar that he has an idea. Tina cries in her room. Vasu asks her not to cry and says I can’t see you crying. Tina asks what shall I do then. Vasu says may be we are having a misunderstanding. Bani hears them. Tina says we have seen with our own eyes. Vasu asks her to stop crying and hugs her. Bani also cries and is about to go inside. Kosi pulls her outside. Bani says she will tell truth to Tina. Kosi says she will be silent after sometime, and asks her not to forget that Bihaan is dead, and asks her to see her own tears. She says you have to take revenge.

Thapki is following the dancer on the road. The dancer sees Thapki and runs. Thapki comes infront of her. The dancer asks her to let her go. Thapki asks her to answer her and asks who called you at the party. Dancer says who had thrown the party. Thapki asks her to tell. Dancer says she was paid money by a girl and tells that she just called me. She shows her mobile. Thapki takes the number and calls on the number. She turns and sees the dancer escaped. Just then a car comes and hits Thapki. Thapki shouts and falls down. Driver scolds Thapki for coming infront of his car. Bihaan’s lookalike is in the car and asks driver to give her money. Driver gives her money. Thapki tries to see his face.

Vasu asks Tina to have something. Tina refuses. Vasu makes her have food. Samar comes there and plays guitar. He sings main tenu samjhawa ki. Munna is seen singing song at the other side while hiding. Everyone claps for Samar. Samar apologizes to Tina. He says I really don’t know who was that girl and who called her to the party. He apologizes to her. Tina says its okay and says you loves me. Saamar says he don’t want to hurt anyone and that’s why came there. Tina hugs him and says I love you. Thapki returns home. Samar asks Munna to come and says Tina has agreed. Samar tells that it was Munna’s plan, he was singing and I was just lipsync. Thapki says now I realized why Bani have selected him. Suman says we shall get Bani and Munna married and call his parents. Thapki tells Munna that she will talk to his parents. Munna hesitantly tells that he is an orphan. Thapki asks him not to think or say it again that he is an orphan. Munna gets touched and touches her feet.

Bani asks Samar if he is happy with the filmy act. She says you can fool others, but not me. She says you are typical guy and asks him to break the alliance and leave. Samar says you are warning me, to Samar Kapoor and asks her to use her mind. He says I am not typical guy and asks her not to prove herself as typical girl. She calls him uncle and is about to throw grass on him, but it falls on her. Samar laughs.

Munna sees Kosi breaking his guitar strings. Kosi scolds him for uniting them. Munna says do you want to break their relation. Kosi says yes. Munna asks what you are saying? And asks have you gone mad? Bani says she is joking and asks him to go out. He goes. Bani tells Kosi that Munna is a fM Radio and tells that she will do something big to break their alliance. Thapki takes Bani to temple. Bani asks why did you bring me here. Thapki says here everyone says truth. Bani says ghajab. She tells that she went to PCO and enquired. A fb is shown, PCO man tells Thapki that you came to make a call and gave 500 Rs saying ghajab. She slaps her for hiring dancer to break Tina and Samar’s engagement. Bani is shocked.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bihaan’s lookalike asks Thapki who is she? If she is a stalker. Thapki asks him to become her husband. Bihaan’s lookalike is shocked.

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