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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Gaura gets a call from her aide that Urvashi is being shifted home as Modi family thinks treatment can happen even at home. Gaura thinks Urvashi is not dying soon, not an issue, soon Kokila will be pronounced guilty and will be sent o Rajkot jail forever.

Goon enters Modi bhavan as courier boy. Gopi receives courier. Goon asks her to get some water She gets into kitchen. Girl watches goon from first floor. Goon’s boss calls him and orders to do seeta haran/kidnap girl and get her back. He walks up. Girl gets tensed seeing him and runs into Jai and Veeru’s room. Gopi brings waer and does not find courier boy. She informs Jaggi wh says he must have gone. Goon does not find Seeta and thinks of informing boss. H finds payal, clicks pic and sends it to boss for confirmation.

Jai and Veeru ask girl why she is afraid, what happened to him, they will protect her. Goon gets a confirmation it is Seetal’s payal, so starts searching her. Jai and Veeru peep out of door and see goon walking around and ask Seeta if she is afraid of that goon. Seeta nods yes. They say they will protect her. Goon sees Urmila walking around and hides murmuring so many people stay in this hosue.

Chanda sees Vidya working in kitchen and thinks of exposing Gaura for torturing her. She goes to Gaura’s room. Gaura laughs if she came back to tigress’ cave again. Chanda says she is a pet a not tigress. Gaura gets up from chair to beat her. Chanda picks wooden rod and hits Gaura. Gaura shouts. Chanda warns she will call Vidya and continues hitting her. Gaura holds rod and pushes Chanda down. Chanda falls down. Gaura runs from there with her wheelchair and walks into living room and sits on wheel chair huffing and puffing/short of breath. Vidya comes out of kitchen and asks what happened to her. Chanda comes and says she came running. Gaura complains Vidya that Chanda is wrongly alleging her. Vidya scolds if she cannot respect elders. Chanda says she will prove Gaura can walk in a minute. Vidya gets a call and moves aside. Gaura kicks Chanda and throws her on floor. Chanda complains Vidya that Gaura kicked her like an old monkey, she will never change. Gaura acts and asks Vidya to call Dharam and Shravan. Vidya yells at Chanda and walks towards stairs to call Shravan and Dharam. Viday stops and holds her. Dharam comes and watches Chanda holding Vidya and asks angrily to leave Vidya. He slips during scuffle and is about to fall when Gaura gets up from chair and holds him. Chanda tries to speak, but Dharam stops her and thinks Gaura recovered miraculously. Chanda says this monkey can jump from before and was acting. Dharam an Vidya shout at Chanda. Gaura acts as collapsing.

Jaggi with Urmila and Gopi goes to Urvashi’s room and gets emotional seeing her in coma. He says her son is wanderer and fit for nothing, she should get up and scold him. Gopi says maasi ji can hear him and soon will wake up. Jaggi holds Urvashi’s hand and cries.

Jai and Veeru discuss that they have to inform family about goon. Girl hides under bed again. Goon walks towards Mona’s room and peeps in. Jai and Veeru get into kitchen and inform Gopi that a goon has entered their room.

Gaura wake sup acting and Shravan asks how is she now. She says she does not know what is happening to her. Shravan says it is good she got back on her feet miraculously. Chanda says Gaura is acting. Dharam shouts to shut up, he was about to fall because of her, asks Shravan to call doc to find out how Gaura woke up.

Jai and Veeru take Gopi along and show her goon. Gopi is shocked to see goon peeping into Mona’s room. Mona also turns and is shocked.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Gopi asks Jaggi to call police and get goon arrested. Goon takes out knife and points at Gopi’s neck.

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