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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kokila burns Sameer’s clothes. Sameera yells how can she do this. Ricky asks her to relax. She shouts to shut up. Gopi tells Ricky that his wife is misbehaving with elders and if she misbehaves even with him. Kokila in her usual style shouts that Sameera married Ricky and forcefully entered Modi bhavan, if she has to stay here, she has to obey her and wear her give clothes. Jaggi praises that she is back to form. Kokila then warns Ricky to change his ways, else get of her house. Pinku cries all designer clothes got burnt.

Jaggi wakes up at night and seeing Gopi’s belongings thinks it reminds him of his love, but Gopi did not accept him as her husband yet. Gopi dreams about Ahem and then Jaggi and thinks why she is thinking this. Kokila wakes up and asks what happened. Gopi says nothing and loks at Ahem’s pic. Kokila asks her to think of god and sleep.

Muh dikhayi ritual starts. Neighbor women tell Gopi that her bahu must be very beautiful, that is why Ricky did not want for engagement and married immediately. Ricky boasts his wife is very beautiful. Seeta feels sad. Sona consoles her. Kokila says duffer Ricky does not know what he lost. Women ask Gopi to call her bahu. Sameera with Pinku comes down wearing Kokila’s given sari with pallu on. She thinks these duffers are getting happy, it will vanish in minutes. Sam’s friends come wearing short skirt. Ricky greets them. They hug Sameera and ask what is she wearing.

Sameera says it is for some time. Women look at her face and praise her beauty. Light foces on Pinku. Pinku dances sensuously sensuously on Ram Chahe Leela Chahe…song…Kokila fumes seeing this. Sameera removes her traditional clothes and throws them down revealing her skimpy dress. She dances with Pinku sensuously. Her friends join her. Ricky throws flying kiss on her in happiness and claps. Kokila fumes. Sameera asks her friends to give her special gift. They take out champagne bottle. She opens bottle and cork falls on Kokila. Urmila asks if she is fine. Sameera says sorry sorry and throws champagne on everyone present. Gopi shouts what rubbish is this. Neighbors ask what is all this. Urmila asks Kokil why don’t she tell anything. Kokila stops her. Sameera drops champagne on Kokila’s given clothes and burns them. Kokila silently watches. Neigbhors yell at Sameera. Sameera says Kokila that their score is equal now.

Ricky asks neighbors why they are shocked like Sameera tried to burn them with kerosene. Sameera thinks she came here to burn Modis. Ricky asks Sameera t serve champage instead of wasting it. Samera and her friends enjoy champagne. Neighbors yell at Kokila if she called them to insult. Kokila apologizes them. Neighbors yell only son brought this kind of bahu, they pity on modi family that they got such an ill-behaved bahu, it would have been better if their son would have been bachelor, Modis will suffer unnecessarily now. Jaggi comments they are right. Sameera yells at women they cannot insult her in her house and asks to get out. Women leave. Even her friends walk away. Sameera confronts Kokila that she burnt her clothes and warned to obey her, but the problem is this is 21st century, she does what she likes and does not like lecture, today Kokila lost badly.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sameera suggests Kokila to retire. Kokila shouts bassss….raising her hand. Sameera bends her hand. Gopi reacts. Sameera warns Gopi to dare not move, else she will call police