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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Gopi is shocked to see goon peeping into Mona’s room. She calls Jaggi. Mona also is shocked seeing a stranger. Goon runs down. Jaggi catches him and slaps. Gopi says he is the same man who came in as courier bo, she asks Jaggi to call police. Goon points knife at Gopi’s neck and warns to call the girl out. Pari thinks he is talking about Mona and angrily calls her. Mona comes down. Pari yells that she trusted her and got her married to her son. Urmila starts drama and yells she is characterless like her name and her boss Ajeet/villain has called her back. Mona says she does not know this man. Goon says he is searching another girl.

Doc checks Gaura and says it is a miracle, she can walk on her feet. He will start physiotherapy for her. Vidya, Dharam, and Shravan get very happy that Gaura can walk miraculously. Gaura starts drama that she can lose her life, but not let anything happen to Dharam. Dharam emotionally hugs her. She winks at Chanda. Chanda stands dumstuck.

Urmila asks goon to leave Gopi. Goon reacts. Urmila hits his head with vase. Jaggi pulls Gopi out and holds Goon. Goon runs warning he will not spare them and will get that girl at any cost.

Gaura and her family’s emotional drama continues. Doc leaves. Family disperses. Chanda taunts Gaura that she did a big drama. Gaura stops her and says she should thank her for whatever she did. She pulls Chanda’s hair and says whatever she did today is not forgivable, but because of her,s he can walk freely in front of her family.

Mona confronts Pari how can she consider her characterless. Pari says she came under Urmila’s words. Mona yells she disrespected. Urmila asks to stop drama, Jaggi’s life is at risk as he has gone behind goon. Mona leaves and Pari walks behind her. Jaggi returns and asks Urmila to get him lassi as he is very hungry. She asks if he is fine. He says he tried to catch goon, but goon ran away. Urmila goes to bring lassi. Gopi scolds Jaggi why did he risk his life, what if something had happened to him. He says he is fine. She says he should not dare think of risking his life. He says if she is worried about him, he will not.

Gaura slaps Chanda repeatedly and warns her that she will kill her if she tries to trick her.. She strangulates her neck and throws her on sofa. Chanda writhes in pain.

Goon;s boss says that they have to find Seeta at any cost. Goon says according to Modi family’s discuss, it seems Seeta is not at their home. Boss says rich people lie a lot, Seeta is in their home itself.

Gopi passes by Jaggi’s room and hears him shouting. She gets in and sees Jaggi coming out with soap smeared around his body and says there is no water in bathroom. Gopi laughs and goes to check. Jaggi thinks Gopi laughed at least. Mona and Sona also discuss there is no water. Urmila says she will go and check water tank. Jai and Veer get worried that they hid Seeta in water tank, what will they do now.

Kokila reminisces Gaura’s warning that she should take all the blame on her, else she will blast her house. Out of flashback, constable yells at her to have food and not do any drama. Kokila cries and prays god to kill her and not let her suffer in installments.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Jaggi asks Jai and Veeru why are they crying. The both tell that they hid the girl/Seeta in water tank and to save her. Everyone run towards tank and Jaggi tries to unlock tank cover.

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