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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bhavani gives 500 rs bribe to guards who come to serve food and asks them not to give rotis to Gopi. Guard gives rotis only to Kokila and walks away. Bhavani taunts them. Kokila gives her 1 roti to Gopi and taunts Bhavani back. Bhavani then looks at jail map.

Sia/Seeta calls Sameera and says her friend from London has come and wants to do a fashion show, she is part of it and thought of involving even her. Sameera gets happy and agrees. Ricky hears their conversation and thinks if Seeta is calling as Sia. He goes to her room and does not see her, thinks she must be hiding somewhere. He hears Seeta calling Urmila from inside and asking her to give towel, asks if someone else is there. Ricky walks out. Sameera asks Sia when is the show. Sia says she will inform in 1-2 days and disconnects call. Pinks says he can see an international model in her, she will perform in London, US, UK, etc.. Sameera says once she will wait till Modis are destroyed to start her international career.

Dharam informs Meera that tomorrow Karan has an important meeting, they were into masala business and Karan is into perfume business, he has worked really hard for this meeting. Meera thinks if Karan’s meeting is spoilt, he will leave this house.

At night, Kokila and Gopi see Bhavani hiding something in mug and thinks to find out what she is up to. Kokila feels severe cold and shakes.

Ricky wakes up at night dreaming about Kokila and Gopi’s bad condition in jail. He sees Pinky darling sleeping between him and Sameera. He wakes up Sameera and says he had a bad dream about Gopi and Kokila. Sameera says they are facing their sins and asks him to sleep. Ricky calls Sia and asks her to meet. Seeta changes her dress and goes to meet him at a cafeteria. He thanks her for coming. She thanks him for coffee and says he must be disturbed about his maa and Daadi. He says never, especially after they tortured Sameera, they always hated him and now tortured his wife. Seeta says they rescued a girl and kept her at their house, they cannot torture their bahu. Ricky asks how does she know. She says she heard in party that they rescued a girl from forced marriage and kept her in their house. Ricky says she is talking about gawar babe, it is a different story. He says he will drop her home. She says she will go by her car. They walk out and see car punctured. He insists to drop her and she gets in. He says they are driving since 30 min, where is her house. She stops at some house and asks him to go. He insists to drop till door. A watchman watches them. She says he is bahadur singh and never let thief in. He gets Sameera’s call who asks where is he and to come home soon. He leaves.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gopi checks Bhavani’s water mug and says something is there inside. Kokila says they have tto find out what she is hiding. Gopi angrily throws mug and sees jail map coming out.

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