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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sameera tells Kokila that their score is equal now and Kokila is defeated badly. Kokila shouts bassss…in her usual style raising her hand. Sameera lowers her hand. Gopi shouts how dare she is to confront maaji. Sameera warns her to stay right there, else she will call police and get them arrested for harrassing a woman and reminds Indian Penal code law number. She says Kokila must be habituated being in jail and it will not new for her. Kokila shouts again that she always took her bahus’ side and if needed she corrected them. Gopi shouts she did wrong by listening to Daima and let Sameera and Ricky in this house, they will never change, now she will use Sameera’s tacticts against her. Whole Modi family walks away. Sameera laughs on them.

Meera and Vidya see Bhavani going to bathroom and enter her room. They silently pick her mobile, search for blackmailer’s number, find it and message him to meet her at servant’s quarter at 12 midnight. Bhavani returns and they hide behind bed. Bhavani picks her mobile and goes to get amla and shikakai juice for her hair. They both silently walk out. She returns and sees kidnapper’s reply to meet her at servant’s quarters at 12 midnight and get money, he is going out of town and will not trouble her again. She gets tensed thinking how to get money. Vidya and Meera watch standing near door and think this is best chance to expose her.

Ricky praises Sameera that she shut Modi family’s mouth and taught them a nice lesson. Pinku applying nail polish on his nails says Sameera is hot like pepper and dangerous like chilli, she can do anything to her enemies. Ricky leaves. Sameera takes out Modi family’s photo and says she will take revenge from them for rejecting her mother for Ahem and will kill each family member, she will start with Gopi and Kokila first and strikes Kokila’s photo first.

Gopi tells Jaggi that she did mistake by letting Ricky and Sameera staying in Modi bhavan, Sameera crossed her limits today. Jaggi says his legs used to move with doctor’s treatment, but with oil massage, they are not moving at all. He encourages him that soon with oil massage, eh will walk again. Gopi sees Daima passing by and asks her to prepare Jaggi’s massage oil. Jaggi realizes Daima prepaers that oil. Daima goes to kitchen to prepare oil and is about to mix poisonous powder when Gopi holds her hand and calls Kokila, Urmila, Jaggi, etc. They all gather. Gopi asks what is she mixing in oil, Jaggi had noticed her buying powder from a woman and doubted her, but she did not listen to Jaggi. Daima says it was her asthma medicine. Kokila insists. Daima agrees it is harmful powder and says she is obeying Sameera’s orders. Kokila walks out calling Sameera. Daima gets tensed if Sameera tells truth, she will be caught. Sameera comes out and Gopi shouts why did she mix powder in Jaggi’s oil, what problem she has with Jaggi. Sameera says she is too innocent, when she did not see her mixing oil, how can she believe Daima and allege her, asks her to get proof first. Kokila asks Gopi to be careful, they will stop oil massage right now and get treatment from doctor. She warns Daima that she is doubtful now and warns not to play any trick again.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sameera confronts Daima and says she can fool Modis and not her, she knows she mixed something in Jaggi’s massage oil and her behavior shows that she hates Modis and can do anything to harm them.

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