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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd April 2017 watch online on

Imli steals temple jewelry and runs. She comes in front of Gaura and Bhavani’s car and says her car is punctured and she needs to go home, if they can drop her. Pandit and others run behind her. Gaura gets her into car and speeds away. Imli boasts that she did charity and could not give much, so beggars are behind her.

Gopi is in home temple. Ricky comes and starts misbehaving with Gopi. Urmila warns him to stop. Ricky continues. Jaggi gets very angry, lifts him and hangs him from balcony. Gopi pleads to leave him. Ricky continues yelling on Jaggi and warns to get him down. Jaggi warns to apologize Gopi first. Ricky shouts no way. Jaggi warns he will drop him then. Ricky apologizes. Jaggi pulls him up and warns to never misbehave with his mother. Gopi tries to walk towards Ricky, but Jaggi stops her and says whatever Ricky did today is unforgivable. Ricky fumes and determines to teach Jaggi a lesson.

Gaura asks Imli where should she drop her. Imili asks where do they stay. Gaura says Gondal road. Imli says even she stays there and stops car in front of Gaura’s house and boasts this is her house and she decorated with a lot of hard work. Gaura with Bhavani gets out of car and says she wants to have tea in her house. Imli asks to give her phone number, she will invite in 2-3 days. Gaura asks if she looks like a fool, she saw her stealing from temple and threatens to call police. Imli holds Gaura’s feet and pleads not to hand her over to police.

Ricky sees Kokila coming from outside and realizes Jaggi got daring as Kokila was not at home He asks Kokil where she had been, he needs to talk to her. She says let us go to her room and talk.

Dharam returns home and hits his leg on a chair and shouts at servant why did he keep it here. Servant says it is Meera’s orders. Dharam says Meera is out of this house and his life, so he should throw all her things out. Gaura tries to speak. He says he does not want to listen anything now. Bhavani tries next and he pushes her and leaves.

Gaura tells Ricky that he should not create drama in front of outsiders. He says it is getting difficult to get adjusted in this house and Gopi still does not trust him. He says the way Gopi is seeing him, it is obvious. He tells Jaggi misbehaved with him. Kokila says she will listen to even him and decide what is the truth. Ricky requests not to ask them and says he wants to do business, but Gopi did not give him money. She asks what business he wants to open. He says he wants to open a music store in backyard. Kokila gives him 10000 rs and says she is giving it as loan and he has to return it after his business flourishes. Ricky thinks only Kokila comes under his trap easily.

Jaggi tries to speak to Gopi, but she does not. He tells Sona and Sahir that their badi maa is still upset after he hanged Ricky in air. Sahir says not to worry, she will calm down. Gopi says he should not have hanged Ramakanth, what if he had fallen. Urmila says Ramakath also should not have misbehaved so much. Seeta says Ricky is not that bad and is working in backyard since morning. They hear music and walk to backyard and see music club with youngsters dancing on western music.


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