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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Seeta asks Jaggi not to lose hope and asks if there is no other way to bail out Kokila and Gopi. Jaggi says they have to convince Sameera and Pinku. Urmila hopes it happens soon. Meera walks behind Karan to apologize her. He says he knows she wants to apologize, but the problem is Dharam’s wife herself tried to spoil his business. He says he will not inform anyone about what she did and leaves. He meets Bhavani in jail and says he did what she ordered, but cannot continue. She warns that he is just a puppet and has to obey his boss and stay at Dharam’s house and do whatever she says.

Sia/Seeta returns to Modi bhavan and tells Ricky that she felt he is sad, so came back to cheer him up. She sees him tensed and says she will get water for him. She goes to kitchen and sees vegetable burning. She mixes it and bends to get water. Her wig catches fire and she throws it. Ricky walks towards kitchen. Sia wears veil and acts as Seeta. Ricky enters and asks what is she doing here. Seeta says she is doing work. He asks where is Sia. She asks how does she know. He asks something is burning. She says she is preparing vegetable in mustard oil. He walks out searching Sia. Jaggi and Urmila get Seeta out via window and ties veil like a turban on her head. Sia walks in back and asks Ricky who is the maid in kitchen. Ricky says she is seeta and not maid. He reminisces his friend thinking Seeta as his wife. He asks why she is wearing turban on her head. She says she is a model and has to take care of her skin and hair. Sameera enters with Pinks and says he does not know how difficult it is to maintain their beauty. Sia leaves. Sameera says if Ricky is thinking Sia is Seeta, then he should not, Sia and Seeta have different class and Seeta can never be intelligent like Sia.

Jaggi tells Urmila and Seeta they have to show Sia and Seeta together to stop Ricky’s doubt and tells his plan. Urmila starts crying loudly. Sameera, Pinks, Ricky come down and sees Urmila and Seeta crying. Seeta says her grandma is severely ill and she has to go to her village immediately. Sameeera yells why is Urmila crying then. Sahir comes and says car is ready, they can drop Seeta to bus stop. Jai and Veeru take Ricky near window and he sees Sia talking to Seeta. He thinks how can they be together. Jaggi shows that Seeta is a dummy. Once Ricky moves, Jaggi and Sahir get dummy into car and think now Ricky’s doubt is cleared. Sia walks in and tells Sameera, Ricky and Pinks that she came to inform that her London designer friend Alex has agreed to meet them.

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