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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Jaggi looks at Gopi’s photo angrily and keeps it back. Gopi watches from door and feels guilty that she did not think even in her dreams that Jaggi would hate her. Jai and Veeru prepare get well soon card for Jaggi and show it to Kokila. Kokila says it is good. They both say they cannot see Jaggi like this, if he does not get well soon, they will not talk to him. Kokila says they should not get angry on dear ones and help them instead. She walks out. Seeta hears that and thinks Baa gave her a good solution, she need to go to Ricky’s hotel and find out what is happening with him.

Kokila enters Jaggi’s room and asks how is he. Jaggi says he is breathing. She converses and says Rakesh (man who took Jaggi to hospital) gave his belongings, everything was present except locket and chain. Jaggi says someone stole it and he remembers subconsciously someone taking it. Kokila says how ruthless they are to snatch his locket instead of taking him to doc. A few days ago, a man snatches his locket and chain and ran, but Gaura caught him and insisted to let her polish it and return him, but he took it back, hope he would have given it to Gaura. He says who will take care of maa now. Kokila says he need not worry and walks out. She thinks why Gaura wanted locket, Urvashi was wearing locket when someone slashed her neck, looks like Gaura is connected in all this.

Gaura looks at locket and tries to wipe out her name from locket. Vidya and Divya enter. Gaura hides it and shows big necklace to Divya and says she did not give such a big necklace to even her bahu/Vidya, trying to make Vidya jealous.

Jaggi tries to pick water glass with difficulty. Gopi enters with soup and tries to help him, but he yells if he asked for help and asks to go out. Gopi walks out and confronts god that she cannot bear Jaggi’s hatred and takes oath to make him stand on his feet at any cost.

Gaura returns home after shopping and is surprised to see Kokila, asks her how come she came here. Kokila asks where is Meera. Gaura says she has gone on a business trip with Dharam. Gaura asks where was she 2 days ago as she had called her and found out that she was not at home. Vidya says even she was present at home and baaji was not. Gaura says she shops and roams a lot. Kokila asks Vidya to get milk for babies. Gaura says she will bring and goes to kitchen. Kokila walks to Gaura’s room and searches for locket. Gaura enters and yells. Kokila confronts and says god should protect everyone except Gaura. Their drama continues.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Doc asks Jaggi to try to stand up on his feet. Jaggi falls. Gopi tries to help him and warns her to stay away. Gaura searches locket and thinks if Kokila took it.

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