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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Jai and Veeru hide Seeta in water tank. Gopi with Pari, Mona and Sona walks near tank. Sona says she will call plumber and get the problem fixed and even clean tank. Gopi sees pipe valve closed and opens it. Swithes on motor and says within 10 minutes, tank will be full. Sona says even tank lid is open. Gopi says who must have done it and applies lock to it. Jai and Veeru get worried that Seeta will drown now. Everyone walk away. Jai and Veeru insist Sona that they will play there for sometime. Sona praises them that have become punctual and leaves. Jai and Veeru ask Seeta not to worry, they have come to save her. They try to close valve, but cannot. Water starts filling tank and Seeta gets afraid.

Gopi performs aarti at home temple. Jaggi prays god to protect Kokila and bring her back home safely. Gopi prays that god does not do injustice to everyone. Jai and Veeru rush in and call Jaggi. Jaggi asks what happened to change mangu. They plead to stop Seeta didi from drowning as they hid here in water tank. Gopi gets worried and with whole family runs towards tank. She switches off motor and closes tap valve. She gets worried that tank is full now and gives Jaggi to open lid lock. Jaggi says key is not working. Gopi says original key is in home and asks Jaggi to break lock. Jaggi hits lock with stone. Gopi picks rod and breaks lock. Jaggi opens kid. Seeta extends hand. Gopi pulls Seeta out and calms her down that everyone are here, nothing has happened to her.

At Dharam’s house, Vidya prays god to keep didi/Meera safe whever she is and let things back to normal. Gaura enters and says everything will be normal if she listens to her. Vidya asks what she means. Gaura says Chanda is jumping high with property papers and making them dance on her tunes, what if they steal papers. Vidya says they cannot take risk. Gaura says they will exchange papers with duplicate and gives her one. Vidya hesitates. Gaura says what if Chanda sells property to someone, they will be street.

Gopi takes Seeta in and drapes her with blanket. Urmila says she may catch pneumonia. Jaggi looking at Gopi says what if she is child kidnapper, she may not be,, but how can she get in someone’s house like this. Sona brings milk. Gopi asks to add some turmeric in it. Sona brings turmeric milk next and says Seeta will get energetic with it. Gopi asks Seeta who is she and why goons are searching her. Seeta continues shivering. Gopi gives kanhaji’s oath and asks to her story now.

Chanda sees babies crying and yells they have made her life hell and tries to wear Meera’s jewelry, but hides seeing Vidya entering. Vidya says everything is hers now and she need not hide anything. Papaji brought naulakha haar for her. Chanda gets excited and asks to bring it here. Vidya says kids are here and asks to come to her room. Chanda says Dharam wants to know where Meera is, she will not tell him. Vidya says okay fines and tries to leave. Chanda stops her and walks along. Gaura enters and thinks greed is really bad.

Seeta tells Modi family that she is from Bachau. Jaggi says his friend stays there and it is near. Seeta says she married in childhood and escaped from her bidayi.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Gopi tells Seeta that she can stay in Modi bhavan. Pari yells this is not a hotel where anyone can come and stay here.

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