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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update


Seeta continues describing her story to Modi bhavan. She says she married when she was 5 years old. Gopi is shocked and asks child marriage. Seeta says yes, her in-laws came to receive her and panditji suggested her to run away. Jaggi says panditji is really daring. Seeta says panditji is like his father and cares about her. She says when she married she was 5 years ago and her husband Ramesh was 25 years old. Gopi asks what…why didn’t her parents react. Seeta reminisces her mother torturing her and starts crying. Gopi asks what happened. Seeta says her father tried to protect her, but in front of her mother, even he cannot do anything. Her mother called her manhoos/inauspicious. Gopi reminisces Urmila calling her same and Urmila reminisces same. Gopi says she is soyoung, she must be studying. Seeta says she studied till 5th standard and her grandma did not let her study after that. Gopi reminisces Urmila stopping her studies and gets teary eyed.

Gaura searches property papers in Chanda’s room. Babies start crying. Chanda tries to console them. Vidya acts as searching necklace in a cupboard and Chanda yells to hurry up. Vidya gets a necklace set. Chanda’s eyes widen in greed and excitedly says this is so big, same like queens wear. Vidya says she told her if she had gotten excited like this, babies would have woken up.

Mona comments Pari that one more member is added in Modi bhavan. Jaggi asks Seeta to stop crying. Gopi asks Sona to get more milk for Seeta and asks Seeta to stop crying, she can stay here till she wants to. Pari asks what….she lets strangers stay in this house like a hotel room. Mona backs Pari. Gopi confronts her and says they both act as big social activist and walk holding lamps, but never help real victims like Seeta. Mona tries to speak. Urmila shuts her mouth. Gopi asks Sona to take Seeta and show her room. Once in room, Seeta sees broken glass and starts cleaning it. Sona says now she realized who cleaned Jai and Veeru’s room. Jaggi tells Urmila that Gopi is a mini package with so many qualities, she becomes good saas, good bahu, good friend, even good victim. Urmila says yes, she should have realized Gopi’s qualities when she used to stay with her. Jaggi asks what.. Urmila says it is a big story.

Sona gets clothes, blankets, and towels, etc for Seeta. Gopi asks Seeta to sit on bed and relax. Seeta says she is totally drenched and bed will get wet. Gopi asks her to change her clothes.

Gaur gets property papers and gets very happy. Chanda hears babies crying and tries to leave. Vidya stops her and asks to wear necklace first. Chanda says something is wrong, babies are cries, even then Vidya is stopping. She rushes to her room and sees Gaura walking out with papers. She strangulates Gaura and tries to snatch papers. Gaura slaps her. Chanda runs and picks baby and threatens to return papers, else she will harm baby.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Chanda tries to snatch baby from Gaura. Vidya tries to hold Chanda and pushes her in a scuffle. Chanda hits her head to a pillar and falls down unconscious. Gaura checks her pulse and says she is dead.

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