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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kanthaben tells Kokila that she will leave now and will see her new bahu some other time. Sameera comes down wearing sari and huge pallu. Kantaben removes pallu and looks shocked seeing finger prints on her cheeks. Pinku comes down and says, oh no everyone came to know about it. Kantaben asks Kokila what is happening in her house, asks Samera who slapped her. Ricky comes and yells he warned her not to go near Kokila and Gopi when he is not around, look what they did to her. He yells at Gopi why did she slap Sameera in his absence. Daima smirks. He then yells at Kokila if she..Kokila shouts usual dialogue bass…He is wrong, no one slapped Sameera.

Kantaben comments that she cannot believe Kokila’s family can torture bahu. She does not need charity from a house which tortures bahus, she can call police for their heinous act. Sameera asks not to call police, it is even her mistake that she did not obey Gopi and Kokila slapped her. Urmila comments she is bigger dramebaz then her. Kantaben asks her why she wants to tolerate torture. Sameera says she is safe in this house. Kantaben yells at Kokila that this girl is taking her favor even after she tortured her and leaves. Ricky also goes to his room with Sameera and Pinku.

Kokila reminisces Sameera’s dramas and asks Gopi if she knows about it. Gopi says no. Urmila says it is Sameera’s drama to insult them. Daima comments Sameera can hurt herself to prove her words, she may send Kokila and Gopi to jail. Kokila shouts..bassss… they are innocent and nobody will talk about jail here.

Meera packs her bags to leave Dharam’s house. Vidya stops her. Meera says everything is finished. Vidya says Dharam still loves her and scolded her in front of Bhavani to hurt her emotions, she has to make an effort again to win his heart. Bhavani hears their conversation and thinks she has to get Meera out of Dharam’s heart.

Pinku asks Sameera if it is hurting. She says yes, but she enjoyed seeing Modis insult. Gopi enters and says Modi family always stood with their bahu and she did not expect this from Meera. Meera says she would have realized by now that she can do anything to insult Modis.

After sometime, Modis enjoy tea sitting in living room. Sameera and Ricky enter drenched in rain. Sameera calls Pinku to come out. Jaggi gets irked seeing her bare back and comments he has to chant god’s name whenever he sees Sameera. Pinku comments Sameera’s exercise is working and she got toned body and gives them towel. They both leave. Kokila tells Daaima that even Ricky is spoiling more in Sameera’s company, she should teach him. Daima says she does not know why he is behaving like this. Kokila says tomorrow is Ahem’s birthday and they will go to temple. Jaggi says then he will get sweets tomorrow. Urmila says why should they spoil Ahem’s birthday for Sameera.

Jaggi goes to his room and folds his washed clothes. Gopi says let her do it, at least she can have control over it. She then sees rain and goes to close window. Jaggi gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. He imagines getting up and romancing her. Saanson se sanson ko dhalne do zara…song…plays in the background. She writhes when water drop fall son her eyes. Jaggi asks what happened. She goes near him. He blows air on her eyes. Their romance continues.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Gopi and Kokila reach temple. Women yell that they torture their daughter-in-law and came here like sati savitri. Pinku wearing sari comments they should not let Gopi and Kokila pray here.

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