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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Gaura does god’s aarti and address god that her disciple killed many birds with 1 arrow. She kicked out Meera and killed Chanda and made Vidya believe that she killed Chanda, now Vidya will die in guilt. Time circle has turned in her favor, Kokila will be in jail forever and she will destroy Kokila’s whole family. She will be sole queen of her haveli and will enjoy like a queen. She then starts dancing and singing.

Kokila in jail reminisces Gaura’s threat that she will bomb blast Modi bhavan if Kokila does not accept crime. Kokila cries that she will not let anything happen to her family, whatever it may happen.

Jaggi jokes with Gopi and says one should be jovial always. Jai and Veeru come from school and run towards Seeta. Seeta does not smile and looks tensed.Gopi says Seeta looks like in some other tension and is hiding it.

Vidya serves tea to Gaura with tears. Gaura asks her to forget what happened. Dharam and Shravan enter and ask why she is crying, what happened to her. Gaura thinks Vidya should not tell truth. Vidya says papaji…Gaura says she is crying reminiscing Meera. Vidya says papaji..chanda.. Gaura interrupts and says all this problem happened because of Chanda. Shravan says something has happened here. Gaura says Chanda was not taking care of babies, so Vidya scolded her, so Chanda ran away. Dharam is shocked and asks how will they find Meera now.

Urmila sees all her slippers missing and panics. Seeta brings shoes. Urmila yells if he is a shoe thief. Seeta says she cleaned her shoes. Urmila says she has cleaning disorder. Gopi says seeta cannot see dirt and has OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. Urmila says same, disorder. Jaggi drops sauce on floor and Seeta cleans it. They all laugh

Gaura calls herr lawyer and asks if property is transferred in her name. Lawyer says yes, with the finger prints on papers, he will transfer all property in her name. Gaura laughs.

Seeta dreams about her mother torturing her and gets very shouting. Gopi with Jaggi and Urmila enter and console her. She thinks Seeta is worried about something. In the morning, Gopi does aarti and camphor is about to blow off when Seeta comes and adds camphor. They both perform aarti and sign bhajan. Gaura comes holding aarti thali. Everyone are surprised to see her.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Gaura goes to Urvashi’s room and says she prayed for Urmila’s health. Gopi says Urvashi is in coma since the accident. Gaura tries to leave. Urvashi opens eyes hearing her voice and holds her pallu. Gopi notices it.

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