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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kokila prays god and gives moral gyaan to Gopi. She says when there is a question of wrong and right, they should leave it to god and god will do justice. Jaggi calls Sia/Seeta and says they have only 1 day to prove Kokila and Gopi innocent as their court hearing is tomorrow. Sia asks her not to worry, she will handle. She waits for Sameera, Ricky, and Pinku darling at a restaurant. They reach to meet Sia’s designer friend Alex. Jaggi enters as Alex wearing white wig and white beard, etc. Sameera and Pinku get excited to meet Alex. Sia says Alex does moun vrat every Monday and does not speak. Pinku comments. Jaggi fumes and signals Sia stop this extra poori, else he will break his face. Sia smiles. Pinku asks how will Alex do his meeting now. Sia says Alex will signal her and she will inform them. Waiter brings milk shake. Sia asks Pinku to giv it to Alex. Pinku picks and drops it on Alex. Alex shouts what nonsense, nobody could break his vrat in 20 years. He walks out angrily. Sameera scolds Pinku darling that he was very supportive before, but is a liability now. She walks away with Ricky.

Jaggi meets Sia again and says Pinku darling deserved this and got scolding in kilos, asks her to execute their next plan. Sia meets Pinku, speaks to him, and takes him to a restaurant. Ricky gets heavily inebriated. Sia goes aside. Urmila disguised as Japani dance dances on stage. Pinku asks if she saw a girl who was with him, says Japani dancers are so slim, but she is so fat. Urmila fumes that this extra poori is so arrogant. Sia returns. They both sit and Pinku darling starts drinking again. Sia tells Sameera should not have scolded him in front of everyone like this, he helped her so much and even rescued her from her in-laws torture and send them tto jail. Ricky says whatever Sameera is because of her and Sameera instead tortured them. He reveals how they got Kokila caught into glass box, party incident, fake torture, dupatta burning, etc. He says they all did this with the help of Ricky fool. He trapped Ricky for Sameera and suggested them to marry and enter Modi bhavan. Sia says that means Sameera does not love Ricky. He says not even 1% and continues revealing. Urmila records his confession.

Back home, Jaggi and team dance and decorate house. Sameera returns with her team and asks what the hell is happening, why they are decorating house. Jaggi say to greet Kokila and Gopi and says they have proof against her now. Urmila shows her mobile footage where Pinku darling reveals all the secret. Sameera is shocked. Ricky realizes his mistake.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ricky confronts Sameera that he trusted her so much and sent is innocent mother and grandmother to jail, now he will correct his mistake and get them out of jail. He asks Jaggi to give recording, he will go and show it in court.