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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Gaura comes to Modi bhavan holding aarti thali and calls Gopi. Urmila is shocked to see her on feet and calls Gopi. Whole family gathers and are shocked to see Gaura on feet. Pari tells Mona that Gaura is very dramatic and let us see what drama she plays now. Gopi says gaura maasi….this..Gaura tells them Dharam’s falling from stair incident and she saving him. Gopi says it is good then. Gaura looks at Seeta and asks if she is new member. Gopi says she is a guest. Gaura says she came to meet Gaura, she prayed in temple for Urvashi’s recovery and will keep Pooja flowers on her eyes and under pillow. Gopi takes her to Urashi’s room and says Urvashi is still in coma, but doc to she may get well soon. Gaura asks if doc told when will she wake up. Gopi says if she stays in home environment, she may. Gaura says Urvashhi will wake up soon, god listens to good people’s prayer soon.

Gaura keeps prayer flowers on Urvashi’s eyes and and forehead and applies tilak on her forehead. She reminisces all the incident, Urvashi catching her red handed and she slitting Urvashi’s throat. She says god should help Urvashi and tries to leave. Urvashi opens eyes and holds Gaura’s palu’s. Gaura is shocked seeing this. Jaggi enters and he gets emotional seeing Urashi opening eyes. Gaura prays Urvashi should die. Jaggi emotionally asks if she is fine now. Gopi asks if she can hear them. Urvashi bats eyes. Gopi calls whole family. Sona and Urmila get very happy. Jaggi says she opened eyes and held Gaura’s pallu. Urmila taunts Jaggi not to stumble seeing his mother awake. Gopi says its god’s miracle. Jaggi says Gaura’s prayers worked. Gaura says it is god’s wish and she is just a means, when god made her walk, even Urvashi will walk soon. She will leave now and will come back in 2-3 days. Urvashi hakes her hand. Gaura panics seeing it and stumbles. Gopi asks if she is fine and still her legs are weak.

Dharam calls commissioner home and tells he does not know what is happening. Chanda told she knows where Meera is, but she also eloped. Commissioner assures they will find out Chanda and Meera soon. Vidya brings tea tray and reminisces killing Chanda. She starts trembling. Commissioner tells Dharam that Vidya killed Chanda. Dharam is shocked. Commissioner says he found burnt body in backyard and orders constable to arrest her. Vidya drops tea tray and shouts no. Shravan wakes her up from her imagination and takes her in. Dharam says she is unwell after Meera went missing. Commissioner silently notices Vidya’s behavior.

Jaggi thanks god for getting Urvashi out of coma. Gopi says god will cure Urvashi soon. They both perform aarti. Gaura reaches home and prays god that she made a mistake by going to meet Urvashi, god should send Urvashi into coma forever. Shravan comes and informs that Vidya panicked when police came. He consoled her somehow and will be awake whole night to take care of her. Gaura asks to call her if needed. Shravan leaves. Gaura laughs that Gopi’s both daughters are suffering, she is enjoying a lot.

Seeta prepares breakfast in the morning. Sona asks if she add spices. Seeta nods yes. Windows open due to storm and utensils fall down. A village lady is seen walking towards Modi bhavan. Urvashi with Gopi enters and asks Sona and Seeta to close all the windows. Lady walkswith storm along her. Pari and Mona discuss they had to go for shopping, how will they go now. Urmila scolds them. Lady kicks Modi bhhavan’s gate and enters. Gopi tries too close main door with difficulty, but lady hits door with her stick and pens door. She then walks in. Whole modi family look at her in a surprise. Gopi asks who is she and how can she enter anyone’s house without permission. Lady removes her pallu and goggles and looks around. She asks where is her Seeta. Seeta hears her voice and drops utensil. Lady asks Gopi to call Seeta. Seeta panics and says maayi came. Gopi asks why she needs Seeta, who is she. Lady says she does not reply short people, she came to take back her dughter. Gopi asks if she is Seeta’s mother. Lady says she is Seeta’s maayi.

Precap: Maayi drags Seeta out. Seeta pleads she doe snot want to go back home. Gopi ties to stop and maayi tries to hit her with wooden stick. Jaggi holds stick.

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