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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ricky yells seeing his phone battery drained. Seeta passes by. Ricky calls her gawar babe. She does not reply. He calls her Seeta. She asks if he needs anything. He says his phone is switched off and he wanted to call Jaggi. Seeta asks why. Ricky says that that. Seeta says maaa..Gopi’s condition is stable now and he should not hesitate asking about his maa.

Kokila with Urmila and Seeta prays god. She asks Seeta to call Jaggi and enquire about Gopi’s condition often, she would have gone to hospital herself, but he BP is high and she is feeling drowsy. Seeta asks her not to worry. Lamp flickers. Kokila holds it and prays for Gopi’s protection. Sameera boasts that she will not let Kokila meet her favorite bahu Gopi for some more days to execute her plan properly.

Jaggi walks holding prescription slip, thinking he has to walk normally too take care of Gopi. A nurse clashes with him and apologizes him. Jaggi stops doctor and stands chatting with him. Nurse then removes mask and realizes she is Pinku darling. He fills injection and thinks he does not want to kill Gopi, he just wants her to continue bleeding so that she can stay in hospital for a some more time. Ward boy stops her and asks who is she, he did not see her before. Injection falls from her hand and falls near Jaggi’s feet. Pinku darling silently throws kerchief on injection and signals Jaggi at kerchief and silently picks it.

Bhavani removes partition from her room and smirks. Vidya prays god to help her find her sister soon and expose Bhavani in front of Dharam. She sees Bhavani walking suspiciously and hiding something and a paper falls from her hand. Vidya hides and once she leaves picks paper and reads dal khichdi, thinks it is Meeera’s favorite dish.

Pinku darling walks into Gopi’ room and is about to give injection when Jaggi enters and says another nurse already checked Gopi’s BP, then why she is checking again. Pinku darling says she came to give antibiotic injection.

Ricky drags Sameera down and Sameera shouts to leave him. She shouts she cannot stay with such an arrogant husband. Argument ensues. Sameera pushes Ricky down. Ricky tries to slap Sameera. Kokila holds his hand and shouts she will not let anyone hurt her bahus. She says whoever beats woman is not a man and should be punished. Sameera starts her drama and thanks Kokila for saving her, holding her legs. She continues that she troubled her family so much, but she took her side. Kokila delivers her usual heavy dialogues. Sameera says she wants to become obedient bahu under her supervision like Gopi and requests her. Kokila says she is always there to guide her family.

Sameera goes back to her room. Ricky praises her acting and says her family fell for her drama. Sameera says now she will gain Kokila’s trust and then punish her. On the other side, Urmila asks Kokila how can she believe Sameera’s crocodile tears. Kokila says she knows Sameera is lying and is up to something. As an elder of family, she knows how to handle Sameera.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kokila tells Seeta that Sameera is playing game and thinks she will defeat her, if she does not defeat Sameera, then she is not Kokila Modi.