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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Police arrests Gaura after she confesses her crimes. Kokila smiles happily. Gaura yells at Kokila not to laugh more, no jail can hold her and she will return to make Modi family’s life hell. Dharam apologizes Kokila on Gaura’s behalf. Kokila says he does not have to. Gopi says Ahem got mokhsa today.

Ricky wakes up and finds himself in a chawl. He shouts where is he. Seeta brings food. He yells at her. She warns if he misbehaves he will lose this place to stay and food, she will serve him food regularly, if he does not want he can leave. Ricky shuts his mouth.

Dharam cries in his room reminiscing Gaura’s confession that she killed Ahem and Chanda and even tried to kill her son Dharam. Bhavani enters and starts brainwashing Dharam with her emotional drama and says his mother does not care his feelings and her daughter does not care her feelings, they are both traveling in a same both. He can consider her as his friend and cry on her shoulder. She sees Vidya, wipes Dharam’s tears and leans his head on her shoulder, smirking on Vidya.

Seeta returns home and seeing whole family sad asks what happened. Urmila informs her whole story. Seeta thinks she should not tell about Ricky’s condition. Gopi runs to her room and cries. Jaggi follows her and consoles her.

Ricky feels thirsty and does not find water in Urmila’s chawl. He thinks of buying mineral water, but does not have money. He walks out and asks a man where he can find water. Man shows hand pump. Ricky tries to drink without pumping and thinks why water is not coming. A neighbor girl pumps for him. He asks why this water is different. She says he must be habituated to filtered water and gives him water bottle from her house. She introduces herself and says he can take more water when needed. He introduces himself and goes back to chawl. Seeta on the other side prays god to help her hide Ricky’s truth for sometime and tries to leave with food. Urmila and Kokila see her and ask where is she going with bag. Seeta says her friends from village have come, so she is going to meet them and leaves. Urmila says Kokila that Seeta is acting mature now. Kokila thinks something is wrong. Rcky eagerly waits for Seeta to get food and yells. Seeta enters with food and serves him. He eats food and asks where is sweet. She says he infused his life with bitterness, why he needs sweet. She goes down closing door and sees jalebi vendor. She buys some and keeps it outside chawl and knocks door. Ricky opens door and sees a packet on railing and enjoys jalebis. He then sees hand pump girl waving at him and thinks why she is behind him. Girl’s mother gives her money and says she can ask more. Ricky thinks of fooling girl for money.

Jaggi reminisces Gopi’s ignorance for him and tries to leave angrily. Gopi notices him and says he cannot ignore her like his and continues.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Jaggi tells Gopi that he knows she loves whole family but he does not need her love or favor. Kokila watches them.

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