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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Gopi asks Bhavani if she is Seeta’s mother. Bhavani says she is Seeta’s maayi. Seeta shivers in fear hearing her voice. Bhavani says she did not come here to kidnap her and if she does not come out, she will come in then. Seeta continues shivering. Gopi warns nobody dares to shout here. Bhavani yells to stop her speech, she is not here to listen to her speech. She is Bhavani Keshavlal Rathodi, sarpanch of 21 villagers and leader of 70,000 people. If she does not know, she can check on internet instead. She should stop becoming Seeta’s protector and call Seeta out. Gopi says until she sits and talks calmy, Seeta will not come. Bhavani shouts at Seeta that these people cannot protect her. Gopi says Seeta is afraid. Bhavani says Seeta is born to fear and she is born to frighten. Seeta comes and hides behind pillar. Urmila tries to stop Bhavani, but Bhavani pushes her and drags Seeta. Seeta pleads she does not want to go home. Bhavani kicks her on floor. Gopi pushes Bhavani and Bhavani lifts her lathi/stick to hit Gopi. Jaggi holds stick and warns dare not to even think, he is sparing her as she is woman, else Jaggi will not spare cruel people. Bhavani warns that even she does not spare men, if he does not leave her lathi, he will doubt his manhood then. Jaggi leaves lathi.

Gopi warns her to stop her drama, else she will call police. Bhavani says she will call police instead and calls police in. Inspector comes and says Bhavani had filed her daughter’s missing complaint. Gopi says Bhavani got married seeta when she was 5 years old to a 25-year-old man, if it is wrong or not. Inspector says it is, but his duty now is to get back Bhavani’s missing daughter. Bhavani tries to slap Seeta, but Gopi stops her. Bhavani drags Seeta, but she runs back to Gopi. Gopi says Seeta is 18 years old and nobody can force her. Inspector says. Bhavani warns Seeta that she will kidnap her in seconds. Gopi warns to get out. Jaggi also warns to leave as they don’t entertain unnecessary guests. Urmila also warns to get out, else she will hit her with her lathi. Bhavani warns them they all will repent and leaves. Gopi consoles Seeta.

Seeta’s father Keshavlal is a ved/ayurvedic doctor and is seen treating patient and not taking his fees. Bhavani enters shouting. He asks what happened now, if Seeta returned. Bhavani shouts that Seeta is hiding behind some Gopi and has to go back with her husband. She yells at him that she takes care of this house and he does not have to interfere. He says she is Seeta’s mother. Bhavani shouts step mother, she has planned to get Seeta from Gopi.

Jaggi gets flower bouquet to Gopi’s room singing baharon phool barsao…song. Gopi asks it is for whom. He says he brought it for mom, but there is one more woman in his life whom he also respects, his wife. Gopi fumes that she told him any times that they are friends and angrily leaves room. Urmila comes and asks what happened. He says he tries to spread flower smell, but Gopi holds her breath and leaves. Urmila goes to get tea. Jaggi adds flowers in vase, slips, and hits his forehead on furniture. Seeta sees him and shouts Jaggi kaka. Gopi runs back and scolds him why he is so careless.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Urmila asks Pari and Mona to call doc to treat Jaggi’s forehead injury. Pari says their phone is not working. Even landline and Urmila’s phone don’t work. Urmila says let us take Jaggi to hospital then. Sona says all doors and windows are locked from outside.

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