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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kokila addresses family that she can understand people’s drama, they need not worry. If Sameera thinks she is smart, she is oversmart, if she does not defeat Sameera in her own game, she is not Kokila Modi.

Vidya enters Bhavani’s room and does not find partition sari. She searches Bhavani in washroom and thinks where she can go, she just saw her coming in.

Jaggi sits next to Gopi in her hospital room while she is being treated and gets emotional holding her hand. He reminisces their marriage, their nok jhok, their friendship, etc.. O saathi mere…song…plays. Jaggi says she is fine and he will not let her happen anything.

Vidya searches Bhavani in room. Bhavani watches from secret room and taunts Meera that poor Vidya is searching everywhere. Meera beats mirror and says she is here. Meera says no use, this is a special room, she can see Vidya, but Vidya cannot see or hear here. Vidya and Meera feel sad while Bhavani laughs.

Pinku darling returns to Sameera’s room and says everyone around us are so dumb, she escaped somehow, means he (his words).. He says Jaggi clashed with him but did not identify, a ward boy was equally dumb and was trying to flirt with him. Ricky and Sameera laugh. Sameera says within 24 hours Kokila will go to jail, she will speak to her lawyer and finish all formalities. Ricky says he is tired to daadi’s jail.

Meera continues beating mirror and shouting at Vidya to save her. Bhavani also shouts and says nobody can hear her. She gives dal khichi and says she has to eat as she has to stay here forever. Meera shouts in her usual style she cannot do this and get her out. Bhavani laughs.

Sameera comes down and sits with Kokila saying she will do pooja tomorrow. Urmila says something has happened to her. Kokila speaks to Jaggi who says he is fine and can walk normally, seeing nurses giving injection to Gopi, even can give injection, he will stay with Gopi for 2 more days. Sameera says she is going out tomorrow and will take breakfast for Jaggi uncle and will even meet Gopi sasumaa..Kokila tells Sona that tomorrow is Gayatri jayanti, so she has to chant gayatri mantra 1000 times, do pooja and fasting day, so she has to do that Sona agrees. Sameera thinks Daaadi wants her to do pooja and fasting and is testing her, so she says she will do pooja and fasting. Kokila says it is very tough. Sameera says she can and insists. Urmila takes her to explain rules.

Dharam tries to console his new born babies and reminisce Meera sadly, looking at mirror. Meera cries seeing him. Bhavani comes and says she is not mother of these children, but will take care of them like Yashoda, smirking at Meera.

Next morning, family sits for breakfast, Daadi asks Pinku darling where is Sameera. Sameera enters traditional sari and says she is ready for pooja and fasting.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kokila says Sameera that she has to she will also chant gayatri mantra with her. Sameera asks if she can chat 1 mantra here and rest 999 in her room. Kokila permits. Seeta calls Urmila and asks her to check if Sameera is in her room as she saw Ricky and Sameera outside. Urmila walks towards Sameera’s room and looks shocked.