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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2017 Video Watch Online on 

Door bell rings. Gopi sends Seeta to be with maaji/Kokila. Parag opens door an d is shocked to see police. Inspector says they know Kokila modi escaped from jail and came here and walks towards Kokila’s room. Gopi stops says her maaji is innnocent and she will not let him take her maaji from here. Inspector says court will decide if Kokila is innocent or culprit, right now she is escaped criminal and has to go back to jail. Urmila says she will not let him arrest Kokila. He warns not to stop him and orders constable to arrest her and walks towards Kokila’s room. Gopi pleads not to take her maaji, she is very ill. Inspector says he will get her admitted to government hospital. Jaggi enters and says Gopika tension not, now inspector cannot take kaaki from here even if he wants to. Lawyer gives Kokila’s bail papers. Jaggi says he met doc and then lawyer and got bail on medical grounds. Inspector warns not to take Kokila out of city and once she gets well, he will arrest her again. Gopi thanks Jaggi. Jaggi says he did not do it for her, he did it for Modi bhavan’s walls as they are eager to hear Kokila’s voice…let us go out now and let maasi rest. Gopi asks Seeta to be with maaji and goes to her room.

Gopi reaches her room and sees 20 missed calls from out of India. She calls back and a woman says she is Antara and needs too talk to her important. Gopi says go ahead and stands shocked. Seeta pampers Kokila’s head. Kokila reminisces Gaura’s warning that she will destroy whole Modi family and wakes up calling Gopi. Seeta says kaaki went to her room to get her mobile. Kokila says she has to talk to her and heads towards her room to inform her about Gaura’s truth.

Gopi shatters after Antara’s call. Kokila enters and asks if she is fine. Gopi says she has to go to Singapore right now. Kokila asks what happened. Gopi says she will tell later. Koila insists. Gopi asks her to sit and tells she got a call from Singapore and speaks under background music. Kokila is shocked. Gopi says she did not know about it at all and has to go to Singapore to know the truth. Kokila says she should go and no need to inform family. If the truth is what she told now, their family’s relationships will shatter. Jaggi enters with family saying Seeta is worried seeing Kokila rushing out of room. Kokila says Gopi is going to Singapore right now. Family is surprised. Mona tells Pari that they did not go out since a long time and now Gopi is going to Singapore. Jai says even he will go. Jaggis says who will attend school then. Urmila asks why is she going to Singapore. Kokila says nobody will question now and let Gopi go. Jaggi says he will accompany Gopi. Kokila shouts he will not go, it is her order, he will not interfere. Jaggi says it is not even 2 hours since she came and started her orders. Kokila shouts bass…..Jaggi jokes that he was eager to hear her scolding, she can continue. Gopi tells Seeta to take care of maaji. Kokila says she will book her Singapore tickets and asks everyone to go as she needs to speak to Gopi. Everyone walk out. Kokila thinks she cannot tell Gopi about Gaura and says Gopi whatever decision she took, she is with her. Seeta brings Gopi’s sari. Gopi asks Seeta not to worry as Maaji will be with her. Kokila says she will not let anything happen to Seeta, she can go to Singapore. Gopi says she knows, she just needs answers for the question she is going to Singapore. Kokila prays god.


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