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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Vidya sees blood on babies’ blanket and panics. She rushes out of room and calls Shravan. Dharam comes and asks what happened. Vidya says blood and takes him in. Gaura holding baby says nothing is right here, babies are crying a lot. Dharam asks Vidya where is blood. Vidya says it was all around. Gaura says she must be imagining things. Vidya leaves followed by Dharam. Gaura smirks looking at blood stained bedsheet in a corner.

Urmila asks Pari and Mona to call doctor to treat Jaggi’s forhead injury. They say their people’s network is off. Gopi checks landline and says even it is dead. Urmila checks her mobile and even her mobile’s network is off. Urmila says they will take Jaggi to hospital directly. Mona tries to open door and says it is locked from outside.

Sona checks all windows and doors and says someone has locked them from outside. Bhavan’s goons outside discuss that hero’s head is injured. They call Bhavani and inform about the situation. She asks to continue their work.

Sona tells family that Seeta’s mother must have done this. Pari starts yelling. Gopi stops her. Pari starts yelling at Gopi that she ignores family and is worried about strangers always. Sona tells Jaggi that she will get a first-aid box for her. Seeta gets herbal medicine and bandage and applies on Jaggi’s forehead and bleeding stops. Urmila asks how did she do this. Seeta says her father taught it who is a ved/ayurvedic doc.

Vidya serves tea and snacks to Dharam, Shravan, and Gaura. Shravan says he cannot see Vidya upset. Dharam says yes, he does not know what happened to her. Gaura says Chanda has done black magic on her, so she has called baba home.

Seeta walks in corridor and Mona yells her. Seeta goes to home temple and prays god that her step-mother is troubling this good family and god should protect them. Gopi comes and says god always protects good people and says she saved Jaggi today and should not go from here. Seeta walks in living room crying and reminiscing Bhavani’s words. Phone rings, Seeta picks and says hello. Bhvani says it is her step mom and says she is imposing all the problems on Modi family and if she does not want them to be in trouble further, she should get out of Modi bhavan silently.

Jaggi wakes up in the morning and sees Gopi sleeping near his bed. He ets out of bed silently and rinks water looking at her face. Tenu itna mai pyaar kara….song…plays in the background. Gopi wakes up. Jaggi says she can sleep. Gopi gets up and falls on him Their eyes lock. Song continues in the background…Seeta watches them standing near door.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jaggi tells Gopi that Seeta is not at home. Gopi gets tensed.

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