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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Urmila brings snacks for Jaggi. Jaai and Veeru throw football on snacks while playing. Urmila yells to go out and play. Gopi says let us go out and play. They ask if bade papa will also play with them. Gopi says yes. They run out happily. Gopi requests Jaggi to join them. He fumes, but agrees and Gopi pulls his wheelchair out.

Urmila’s chawl people gather outside her chawl shouting someone is preparing fish inside. Seeta enters and opens door. They all get in. Ricky is seen frying fish. They all yell. Seeta drops fish in plastic bag and throws it and assures chawl people that nonveg will not be cooked again. Ricky yells why can’t he have nonveg. Seeta says they are vegeterians and if he wants to have nonveg, he can go out. Ricky sees Seeta’s ring on floor.

Jai and Veeru  play football and Jaggi cheers them up. Gopi asks Jaggi to join them and gives her moral gyaan. Jai slips on brick while playing. Gopi runs to save him, slips and falls on brick injuring her forehead. Jaggi gets worried and trying pull cart towards her injures his hand. Gopi asks if he is fine and he asks if she is fine. He sees his injury and asks Gopi to take her inside. Gopi pulls his wheelchair inside house.

Seeta returns to chawl and sees door open, thinks why is door open, where did Ramakanth go, she calls him. Ricky is seen out limping and injured. Deepali asks what happened to him. He says he got injured. She pumps water and he washes face. She asks how did he get injured. He says a few goons hit him when he came out of jewelry shop. Girl asks to come to her house. He walks with her and says 10 goons hit him, but he escaped somehow and brought ring for her. She says it is expensive. He says so what, she gave him water. Seeta searches him, he sees her and hides. Deepali asks him to stay here, she will get him turmeric milk. He says let us go to her house. Seeta continues searching Ricky and thinks she has to return home son. After finishing milk and fruits, Ricky comes out of girl’s chawl, thanks her and walks limping. Girl says he is injured and needs doctor. He says he lost all money except this ring. She says she will get him money and walks in. Ricky thinks Deepali is big fool than Gopi. Deepali gives him 5000 rs. He accept and acts, says he will not insult their friendship with thank you, this ring is beautiful not less than her. She shies and walks in.

Gopi shows Jaggi;s sports shoes and exercise clothes and says soon he will use it and teach Jagi and Veeru PT. Jaggi sits fuming and shouts loudly enough, leave him alone. She says he has to calm down as she is not helping him in guilt. He asks what is it then. She tries to leave without answering. He holds her hand and shouts to reply to his answer, if it is love. He says he is in pain and she cries, this is love for sure. She walks out.

Dharam looks at his office accounts. Shravan asks why are these shares in baaji’s name. Dharam asks to sell them and donate money. Vidya comes and asks if they saw Divya, she is not at home and not picking phone. Bhavani enters and says she eloped after hearing about marriage. She continues her drama. Vidya confronts her that she must have done something and if something happens to Divya, she will not spare Bhavani. Bhavani laughs and asks to go and search imli/Divya.

Gopi cries holding Ahem’s photo and says she loves only him forever, but why could not she tell Jaggi that she does not love him, if Jaggi is right.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Seeta leaves home preparing poha for Ricky. Kokila spies on her and thinks of finding what she is doing.

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