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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th February 2017 watch online.

Gopi apologizes Jaggi for falling on him as she lost balance. She asks how is his wound, if he is fine. Urmila brings tea for Jaggi and praises Seeta that she cured Jaggi’s injury with her herbal medicine. Jaggi says Seeta is so good and her mother is so cruel, he feels like breaking door and beat her goons. Urmila asks her to calm down. Sona calls Gopi to come down soon. They all rush down. Sona shows broken window glass and says looks like Seeeta broke it and left home via window. Urmila says let us find her.

At Dharam’s house, Vidya sits sadly reminiscing how she killed Chanda. Shravan asks what happened to her. Gaura calls her and asks to come out. Vidya comes out and sees tantric doing havan. Gaura asks to trust her, she is doing it for her goodness. She forces Vidya to sit in front of tantrik.

Jaggi walks down and tells Gopi that Seeta is nowhere at home. Urmila finds Seeta’s note in temple and gives it to Gopi. Gopi reads letter that she does not want them to be in trouble further because of her, so she is leaving their home. Gopi gets worried for Seeta and knocks main door and says whoever is outside, Seeta has left home. Bhavani hears Gopi’s voice on goon’s mobile. Goon asks Bhavani what to do now. She orders to open door. He with his team opens door. Gopi starts yelling because of them Seeta left home, how will they find her now and tries to go out to find Seeta. Goon stops her and shows knife. Jaggi warns he knows to count only till 3, after that he will kick and slap them. Goon asks Bhavani again what to do now. Bhavani orders him to follow them and find out where Seeta is. Goons let Gopi and Jaggi walk out.

Tantrik continues his pooja on Vidya and does drama. Dharam comes and ask what is happening here. Gaura says she is getting Vidya purified. Tantric says whichever ghost is in Vidya will leave now..

Gopi tells Jaggi that Seeta must have gone to Gujarath bus depot, they should go and search her there. Goons hear them and run via shortcut. Gopi and Jaggi walk towards bus depot. Back in Modi bhavan, Urmila walks with Seeta and asks if she packed all her bags. Sona joins them. Urmila says Gopi;s plan is working and reminisces finding Seeeta tensed last night and planning to send Seeta to Urmila’s chawl house. Seeta asks what if maayi reaches chawl. Urmila says nobody can reach there. Jai and Veeru come ad say they will accompany Seeta to protect her. Seeta hugs them and says they should stay here to protect Seeta and Geeta, not to worry, she will return soon.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update precap :

Seeta gets tensed seeing Bhavani. Bhavani pulls her hair and forces her to come along. Urmila tries to stop her and she raises her lathi. Gopi comes and holds lathi and fights with her.

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