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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Jaggi stands outside Gopi’s ICU room sadly. Sona asks him to go home and rest while she and Sahir will stay with Gopi maa. Jaggi says children need them at home, so they should go, he will stay here. Sahir says doctor told Gopi was murmuring Ramakanthi in sleep. Jaggi prays god to cure Gopi.

Bhavani goes back to her jail cell acting as writhing in tooth pain. Karan comes to meet her. She gives children’s book. Karan asks what will he do with it. She asks him to give it Meera and sprinkle poison on it before giving, it is her revenge’s last move. He asks why she wants to kill Meera. She says her prey is one, but she has many benefits with it. Kokila serves blankets to inmates and seeing them thinks who is this man, what they are up to, she needs to find out in lieu of giving blanket. Warden stops her and takes blanket from her. Bhavani gives poison to Karan and sends him out.

Karan enters Dharam and Meera’s room at night and while Meera is asleep murmurs in her ears Meera I love you and touches her. Meera gets up and shouts who is it. Dharam wakes up and asks what happened. She says someone said I love you to her. He gives her water and asks who will except him and asks her to sleep now. In the morning, Karan keeps book in front of Meera and waits hiding. Meera thinks it is Priyal’s book and picks it. Karan reminisces Bhavani’s words and thinks he will not kill his love Meera, but will kill Dharam instead to get her.

Modis organize Ramakanth’s shanty pooja. Pandit says deceased wife should be present in pooja Sameera comes down wearing red dress with Pinku darling. Jaggi scolds this is not modeling session. Guests discuss Ricky’s wife is too modern. Sameera des emotional drama and says Ricky never liked her live sad life, she is doing it for her husband. Pinku darling comments that she is so sad and even wanted to suicide. Sameera continues drama and goes up with Pinku darling and says she cannot handle this drama. Pinku says wait and watch his surprise or her.

Karan sprinkles poison on Dharam’s file and waits for him to touch papers and die. Vidya brings tea for him. Priyal comes running and falls on Vidya. Tea falls on file. Dharam smiles and keeps file aside. Karan fumes that Dharam’s granddaughter saved him, but he will be not every time. He looks at Meera’s pic in his mobile. Bhavani calls him and asks I he did his work, then send Meera’s dead body’s pic, she wants to enjoy the scene. Karan disconnects call. Bhavani thinks why he changed suddenly.

Pinku darling takes Sameera to a party venue where Sia is already waiting for them and says it is a surprise party for her. Sameera happily enjoys party. She sees Ricky serving drinks as servant and panics. Ricky disappears and reappears repeatedly. Sameera says she saw Ricky. Pinku says it is her imagination and dismisses party.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhavani goes out of her jail cell. Kokila notices her and thinks she must be up something, so she has to stop her. Bhavani escapes via washroom. Kokila reaches washroom and sees window open.