Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Daima disguised as Kokila drags Sameera down and locks her in a glass box. Sameera pleads to spare her. Kokila says she is troubling family since coming here and should die in this box. Sameera gasps for air. Kokila while heading towards temple tells family that she forgot sankalp jyoti and asks them to go while she returns home and brings it. Daima shakes hands with Pinku darling. Pinku says she acted well and says let us execute next plan.

Dharam tells Vidya that her loves only Meera and heard her and Bhavani’s conversation and realized Bhavani has kidnapped Meera. Vidya and Gopi get happy hearing that. Bhavani coems with tea and snacks. Dharam acts as scolding Vidya and warning not to interfere between him and Bhavani and respect her as she is his wife now. Bhavani happily holds Dharam’s hand and scolds Vidya to let them have tea and snacks peacefully. Meera thanks god and thinks how will Dharam and Vidya know where she is, she has to get out of here.

Daima ties Pinku darling to a chair. Pinku says she did Kokila’s mimicry well, but her voice did not match well. Daima says in CCTV camera, voice does not get record well. Pinku say they have to get Sameera out within 10 minutes, else she will die. Kokila walks towards home. Seeta calls her and says she is reaching home. She opens door and drops phone shouting Sameera. Seeta hears that and tells Jaggi they have to go home right now. They both rush towards home. Seeta’s phone battery drains. Car also stops. Seeta asks Jaggi to get auto and come and starts running. She requests a biker to give his mobile, calls Urmila and informs that Kokila is in danger, they all should reach home soon. Family rushes towards home.

Kokila opens glass box door gets her out. Sameera pushes her in and door gets locked. Sameera relaxes. Daima thinks her Ricky baba’s trouble will be gone forever. Kokila gasps for air and shouts to get her out. Sameera tells Pinku they have to save Kokila, else she will die. Pinku says it impossible to break glass. Sameera tries screwdriver. Pinku tries to break glass with chair, but in vain.

Bhavani gets ready looking into mirror and tells Meera that she was beautiful from before, but since Dharam accepted her, she got more beautiful. Meera fumes from other side of mirror. Vidya and Shravan peep in and think she has gone mad. Vidya thinks Bhavani has hidden Meera somewhere.

Seeta reaches home and is shocked to see Kokila locked in glass box. Pinku and Sameera get tensed. Seeta asks why did they lock Baa. Sameera says they are trying to get Kokila out instead. Seeta tries to break door. Kokila gasps for air and calls Gopi. Gopi gets out of sleep thinking maaji is in trouble. Jaggi walks towards home when a car stop in front of him. He sees Gop in car and they both rush home. They reach home and are shocked to see Kokila locked in room.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gopi asks Kokila not to close eyes. Jaggi tries to break glass with vase and then his punches.


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