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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th February 2017 Written Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th February 2017 Written Update and Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th February 2017 video watch online

Myra speaks to some company and asks if candidate list came and gets disheartened after being rejected. She tells Paro and Nidhi that this trip is going waste and things are not happening as she thought. Paro asks her to relax, only interview went wrong. Nidhi brings tarot card and asks Nidhi o pick one. Myra tries to leave, but Nidhi stops her and asks Paro to close the door.

Aryan sees Abha crying and tries to cheer her up with his talks. He says he is the man of this house now and has to set things right. She asks if he can set naani right. He says why not, he will work on the project and give him report later.

At night, Myra sees Kabeer in her room and asks what is he doing here. He says she wanted this right and walks towards her. She warns not to come near her.

He walks near her and touches her face and then gets romantic. Hua hai aaj pehli baar…song..plays in the background. Myra wakes up from sleep and realizes it was her dream.

In the morning, Myra gets ready and searches her papa’s brigadier friend’s name. Paro suggests her to take number from Sudha. She calls Sudha, but starts crying and asks her to come back right now as Abha thinks bad about Riya, so she did not have food since yesterday night (munching muffins). Myra asks her to relax, she will come back in 4 days and asks to have her food. Sudha says okay and continues munching muffins.

Abha tries to prepare cake in kitchen when Riya comes an picks dry fruits. Abha says she had picked them as per cake preparation. Riya asks to take out more and asks why did she marry. Abha says she thought her life will be lived happily ever after like in films, but reality check was different and she is back in her parent’s house. Riya says even she thinks same, she was dreaming about new clothes, gifts, overseas honeymoon. Abha says everything will happen as Nikhil loves her a lot. Riya says if he loves her so much, then why did not he agree for her honeymoon destination.

Sudha calls Riya to come out as Nikhil and his mother have come. Riya goes out and greets Nikhil’s mother as aunty. Sudha asks her to call mummy as she is marrying Nikhil soon. MIL says she was going to buy furniture for Nikhil and Riya’s room, so thought of taking Riya along. Riya is busy chatting on phone. Abha signals her. Riya says now a days everyone hire interior designer, so even they should. Nikhil nervously looking at his mother says yes, then says he thought Riya would be interested. Riya says no, her friend has opened a new interior design company, she will refer him and runs towards her room. Sudha nervously says MIL she knows how Abha is. MIL angrily says she knows her immaturity. Nikhil goes behind her. Riya talks to her friend and says she will refer her. She tells Nikhil to ask aunty to call her friend. Nikhil says mom will be very happy if they select things personally. Riya yells they are getting married and only she should be his prorioty and not his mother. He walks out saying she is impossible and she gets back busy on her mobile.

Myra gets her father’s brigadier friend’s number, calls him and fixes meeting. Paro taunts today what will happen. Myra asks with brigadier puri. Paro says Kabeer. Myra fumes and leaves. Nidhi asks her not to mess up things again. Kabeer speaks to Myra as brigadier Puri and thinks if destiny what them to meet this way, let it be.

Myra reaches restaurant and asks for brigadier Puri. A middle aged man introduces himself as Puri and says he saw her when she was very small. She says she thought he would be of her father’s age. He jokes he takes jadi botis and people call him Anil Kapoor, says he was her papa’s junior. Kabeer messages him questions and puri continues asking her questions. He orders paneer pakodas. She gets very excited and says she can finish whole plate. He says she can finish all. Myra continues chatting.. Kaber sitting nearby continues hearing their chat. Myra says she will leave now. Puri says she can and it was a pleasure meeting her. Kabeer says if she likes paneer pakodas. Myra turns back and sees fake Puri busy reading magazine. Real brigadier Puri calls her and says Sudha told she wanted to meet, so he called. She turns and sees fake Puri missing and thinks what is happening.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th February 2017 Written Update Precap : Riya tells Nikhil that she has changed her mind and is not ready for marriage, returns engagement ring. Abha calls Myra and informs that Riya broke her engagement.

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