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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bhavani escapes from jail. Jailer with team searches her and finds her. She gets electric shock while crossing barrier and collapses. Jailer sends guards and captures her back. At Modi bhavan, Sameera gets Ricky’s ghost dreams. She gets up worried. She then gets a parcel in which it is written that she they know how she killed Ricky and they have sent her pics in courier. Jaggi gets courier and opens it. Sameera runs and tries to snatch it. Pics fall down. She nervously shouts these are fake pics. Sona picks pics and asks if she has gone and, these are Jai and Veeru’s pics. Urmila asks Pinku darling to take her mad sister in. Pinku takes Sameera in.

Sameera changes her dress and comes out. She sees Ricky again and holds his hand and shouts she knows he is not dead and is acting to frighten her, but she will not get afraid. He smiles. She sees no reflection of Ricky in mirror and gets afraid, shouts ghosts. Whole family gathers. She says she saw Ricky’s ghost. Jaggi jokes that she got back her love. Pinku asks her to relax and tell what happened. She tells what she saw. He says this is a serious issue.

Dharam leaves his babies in room and goes to bathroom to switch on geyser. Geyser fluctuates. Karan thinks he tampered geyser and Dharam will die with geyser blast. Geyser blasts. Whoele family walks in and sees Dharam with children. Dharam says he came out to check children and geyster blasted, god saved him. Karan gets angry that his plan failed. Meera and Vidya think why accidents are happening repeatedly at home. Vidya picks Priyal’s book and sees Meera’s photo and I love you written in it. She shows it to Meera. Meera says if Karan is doing all this as accidents are happening after Karan came home. Karan in his room looks at Meera’s things and says he loves her and stole all her favorite things. He writes Meera on his chest. Vidya and Meera knock door and walk in. Meera apologizes seeing him shirtless. He turning his back says he told her to come after 1 minute.

Urmila tells family that Sameera is very afraid seeing Ricky’s ghost. Sita says Sameera is paying for her sins. Sona says what is the use, Ricky is gone. Jaggi says let use this opportunity to frighten Sameera. Sita says Sameera trusts Sia and now Sia will force her to reveal her secret.

Kokila in jail lights akhanda diya/lamp and prays god with other inmates. Jailer calls her and she goes out asking inmates to not let lamp blow off. Bhavani enters and orders inmates to blow it off. They don’t agree. She tries to blow it off. Kokila enters and beats her with broom and warns to dare not to touch her family and her god’s lamp.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sameera sees flower bouquet and greeting card and sees Ricky’s ghost again, shouts no no. Jaggi tells urmila that they will frighten Sameera so much that she will accept that she killed Ricky.