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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th April 2017 video Watch Online HD on

The episode starts with nikumbh telling hanuman that he has almost established iniquity in the world and now his lord ram’s rule will end. Hanuman picks nikumbh in anger and throws him down and says I will kill you right now and end your iniquity. Nikumbh laughs and says, the though has been spread everywhere of iniquity and everyone is affected, my role here has finished. Nikumbh disappears. Hanuman takes his gadha and goes.
There sita says why is everyone lying? even the cow lie. Sita asks goddess river and says you saw it right and please tell them, goddess thinks if I say then the pind dan will be over and lord ram will go. Goddess says no devi sita I did not see anything. Sita thinks they all are lying and this is increasing my anger. Hanuman comes and sees, he understands that everyone has been affected by the thought of monster nikumbhs iniquity. Devi sita says to everyone that you have lied and you will be given a curse by me, hanuman says no devi sita, what you say is right but they all have been affected by the monster nikumbhs iniquity and so they all are lying. he is destroying the world by destroying religion and that has to be stopped. Hanuman then tells everyone that you all who were statues of truth and pujari you lead the world with your knowledge have been affected by such cheap iniquity? And mother cow, you who feed the world your milk have been affected too? And mata sarita? You break huge rocks with your flow of water but this rock of iniquity stopped you so easily? Suddenly the black thoughts get out of everyone. Everyone say sorry and plead they are guilty and this was not them but controlled by iniquity. Sita says I will curse you but ina good way, foir you pujari I will curse you that from now on you will lead your life on donations but people will respect you, for mata cow her face will not be said to be pure but her gobar will be pure and mata saraswati’s shadow will be living in it. and for mata sarita, she will stay underground protected from the dirt of the world and even in summer she will not be evaporated when the rest of the water will. Everyone do pranam and go.
Rishi vashisht says now we shall go to the temple of lord vishnu’s feet mark for the pind dan. Everyone go there. Lord ram and everyone pray as hanuman keeps his gadha down and puts milk on the marks and does the Pooja. After the Pooja, hanuman tells that nikumbh has started destroying the world by changing their thinking and this may result in many monsters like ravana and meghnad, lord ram we have to do something.
In the palace, lord ram sits on the throne and everyone is there. He says what can be done to remove iniquity from the world again? suddenly rishi Agastya comes. Everyone rise and do pranam to rishi Agastya. Rishi comes, lord ram says rishi Agastya please sit on this throne and the kingdom is at your feet. Rishi agastya sits and says I know how iniquity can be prevented from spreading. Hanuman says how is that great rishi? Rishi tells that ram you have to do the ashvamedh yag, from that the world will be safe. Lord ram says yes rishi, then I declare that I dasharath pitra ram and the servant of ayodhya will do not 1 ashvamedh yag but many ashvamedh yag. Rishi Agastya says for that you need the horse in Narayan nagri which is rule by king mangal and king bhushan who are both disciples of lord ram, hanuman you shall go there but you have to bring the horse with the path of righteousness and religion only and if you bring the horse with force then the Pooja will be unsuccessful. Hanuman says yes rishi I will bring the horse with religion.
There king mangal and bhushan are doing the Pooja of lord ram. After the Pooja, they look out as they hear something. King mangal says I can see someone coming, king bhushan says oh it is the great lord ram disciple hanuman and we are honored, mahabali hanuman is here.
There hanuman flies into Narayan nagri, he lands and says it so nice here and standing among one of the greatest cities who walk the right path. Hanuman enters as the palace door opens, king mangal and bhushan welcome hanuman by spraying flowers on him and everyone say mahabali hanuman ki jai. There the dark shadows roam around Narayan nagri.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update precap : at night, hanuman is held by soldiers in front of the horse and king mangal and bhushan say throw this monkey as he is not hanuman, he has come in disguise. Hanuman throws the soldiers.

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