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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th April 2017 video watch online HD on

The episode starts with king mangal and king kushal welcoming hanuman. king mangal says hey mahabali hanuman, king kushal says hey ram bhakt hanuman, king mangal and kushal say hey bholenath ke roop, welcome to our narayanpur sankatmochan hanuman. hanuman enters. King mangal and kushal say we are honored and we will wash your feet ourselves as you are the greatest disciple of lord ram. Hanuman smiles and sits down. King mangal and kushal wash hanuman’s feet. Then they all pray to lord vishnu’s statue. Lord Vishnu appears and blesses them. Everyone do pranam. Lord Vishnu goes. Hanuman says king mangal and king kushal, I have come here for my lord ram’s task. King mangal and kushal say first hanuman please eat food we offer you dearly. Hanuman says king mangal and kushal, I don’t mean to insult anything and I cannot eat food unless I complete my lord ram’s task. And I have come here for your horse as it is has been chosen and is needed for my lord ram’s ashvamedh yag. I have to take it in time so that the ashvamedh yag starts. King kushal and mangal are very happy and say wow our horse has been chosen for the task and we are very honored hanuman ji.
There the horse is in stable and king mangal says today I will myself wash pur dear horse. king kushal says I will feed our horse a mix of jaggery and seeds. As they are doing the work, there nikumbh laughs and says my iniquity shadows will change their thinking and my rhinoceros monster panchasur will kill the horse if hanuman is successful in bringing back kushal and mangals thoughts. Hanuman there comes near the horse but suddenly the shadows come and kushal and mangal’s thoughts are changed. They look at hanuman and say why should we give our horse to him? He looks like hanuman but he isn’t and he is fooling us. We shall not give our horses to him. Hanuman says dear kings, I am hanuman and I need the horse for ashvamedh yag of lord ram.
There rishi vashisht says if hanuman doesn’t come in time then we may fail and for the next right time of ashvamedh yag we will have to wait for years.
There king mangal and kushal say no, soldiers hold this monkey and throw him out of naryanpur. The soldiers hold hanuman. hanuman says please believe me king mangal and kushal, your thoughts have been tampered by nikumbh and he is playing with your mind. King mangal and kushal say throw this monkey and he is a fraud. Hanuman then stands as the soldiers try moving him, soldiers say this monkey is very strong and he cannot be moved. Hanuman then says jai shree ram and throws the soldiers. The soldiers come with spears to attack hanuman, hanuman remembers what rishi Agastya said so he says I have to show them even though I did not wanted to use my powers. Hanuman becomes very huge and stands tall. King mangal and kushal say this monkey is trying to fool us and we will throw you out of Narayan pur even if we have to use our entire army. King mangal calls his army. Hanuman then says I picked up the sanjeevani mountain, hanuman sees a mountain there and picks it up and says just like this. King mangal and kushal are shocked. Hanuman throws the mountain. King mangal and kushal say he picked the mountain like hanuman, the shadows get out of king mangal and kushal and they come back to their sense. Hanuman becomes normal sized. King mangal and kushal say sorry mahabali hanuman and we don’t know what happened? We did not believe you and we are sorry for that. hanuman smiles. Suddenly the horse starts neighing. Hanuman says why does the horse look scared? They then see the rhino panchasur running towards the horse to kill it. king mangal and kushal stand in front of the horse and say that demon is coming to kill our horse and we wont let that happen. Hanuman stands in front and then stops the rhino by holding its horn. Hanuman picks the rhino and throws it away.
There in ayodhya the arrangements are done for the ashvamedh yag.
The rhino gets up again and its 5 rhinos now. Hanuman stands strong and now comes in his panchmukh form where hanuman’s other 4 forms appear behind him. King mangal and kushal are amzed and they pray to hanuman. hanuman shines.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  the other 4 forms of hanuman walk towards the running rhinos to kill them. Nikumbh is shocked.

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