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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with hanuman holding nikumbh. All the villagers now get up from their sleep and see hanuman beating nikumbh. Hanuman says now the people have woken up, nikumbh I will throw you in hell now. Hanuman throws nikumbh so far that he goes from earth and through universe. Hanuman then flies to the kingdom to meet king suman. The villagers say that monkey was dangerous, he will hurt our king, lets go and save him.

There shatrugan says to mountains that free pushkar from the rubble of stones otherwise I will attack my divya astra. Mountain say that is not going to happen. Shatrugana removes his divya astra and says he is not just any kid, we are raghuvanshi’s and my divya astra will destroy all you 9 mountains, leave pushkar now. The mountains say don’t try to threaten us, we are the power of 9 goddesses, we will kill all of you if you try to do anything. In heaven, lord indra says shatrugana is angry and I hope nothing happens to him because of the mountains.

There shatrugana is attacking the arrow when the mountains create a black hole and start pulling everything by a storm. Trees are uprooted, the soldiers say lets protect the horse by holding our hands around the horse.
There hanuman reaches palace and sees king suman, he says pranam. Hanuman says king suman, lord ram’s ashva and his army is waiting outside for the ashvamedh yag, please come out and tell your mountains to stop attacking prince shatrugan and his army. Suddenly 3 soldiers come and say stop monkey, stop there. Hanuman says I am not any danger, I am just lord ram’s small disciple hanuman. king suman smiles and is happy, he does pranam and says its snakatmochan mahabali hanuman, lord ram’s greatest disciple has come in my kingdom. King says but what happened to me? Hanuman says king suman, as you were excited you forgot to wash your feet before coming in the temple and your dirt paths followed in. the monster nikumbh followed your path and came in and did magic, he made everyone in deep sleep. King suman says it is my mistake that I did not wash my feet. Hanuman says no king suman, it is not your mistake, but right now brother shatrugan is in danger and you have to stop the mountain otherwise something bad may happen. King suman says yes, lets go. they go.

There as shatrugan is attacking, the storm pulls everyone’s weapons and even shatrugan and the soldiers. The horse is also pulled. In time, hanuman and king suman come and king suman says stop everyone and they are not enemies, they are lord ram’s family and his army, they have come here for ashvamedh yag. The mountains stop. Everyone is put back on their place and pushkar is freed. King suman goes to shatrugan and says prince shatrugan I am very sorry and regret this trouble that was caused to everyone because of me. King suman looks at the horse and does pranam and says dear ashva, I am very sorry and feel ashamed for what happened to everyone and the danger you were put in, please step in my kingdom as I accept lord ram’s rule. King suman puts flowers on the ground before the horse and says please walk over this. The horse does not walk. King suman kneels down and says I am really sorry lord ram, please don’t punish me for my small mistake, I accept your rule, please horse come in. king suman cries, there lord ram and sita smile. The horse then steps foot and comes inside, king suman is happy and so is everyone. King suman says I will help and be with you till the ashvamedh yag is completed and I will do what I can to help complete the ashva medh yag. Everyone then head ahead with the horse for the ashvamedh yag.

In haven, parvati says again hanuman with his intelligence, faithfulness in lord ram, his strength and love completed this task too. Lord Shankar looks worried, parvati says mahadev, why do you look so worried? Is the horse still in danger? Lord Shankar looks down on earth worried.
There in king virmani’s kingdom, the king his 2 sons and his brother are disciples of lord Shankar. Virmani says I am the greatest disciple of lord Shankar in this universe. No one can defeat my power too. Son says father, your blood has come in us too and even we have gained your power. Virmani’s brother says even I am a staunch disciple of mahadev, everyone say har har mahadve. One son says then kaka shree, lets fight and see who is lord Shankar with. Brother says okay and virmani’s son and brother start fighting each other on the ground. Then virmani comes in and says har har mahadev and he fights both of them and then throws them away. They all get up. Virmani says har har mahadev and says see I am the greatest disciple of mahadev, everyone agree and say yes.

There hanuman, pushkar, the horse, shatrugan and king suman head towards virmani’s kingdom with the horse. virmani there suddenly hears the noise of a shell sound being blown. He says what is that? it feels like danger is coming. Virmani’s brother says no, its is lord ram’s horse coming for ashvamedh yag in our kingdom. Virmani says I will not allow that to happen, I will not accept anyone’s rule over me. Everyone say yes we take their horse. virmani says no I am powerful, we will take their horse from their eyes itself, they will not be able to do anything. Everyone say yes. They say har har mahadev and go in the temple of shivling, king virmani says lets first take the blessing of our lord Shankar. They start saying om namah shivay. There hanuman hears and says who is that? king suman says it is king virmani and he is the greatest disciple of lord Shankar, when he prays to lord Shankar, mahadev himself appears to bless virmani. But him being the greatest disciple has gone to his head and he has become egoistic so it will be difficult to do ashvamedh yag here.

In heaven parvati says mahavde, it seems virmani is calling you, you have to go and make him understand that taking lord ram’s rule is great and taking his name at all times gives the heart and soul peace.

There virmani and everyone pray and lord Shankar appears and says kalyan ho. Virmani and everyone fall at lord shankar’s legs. Then virmani says mahadev, I have always taken your blessing for what I have done but now that ram’s horse is coming in my kingdom, but I will not accept is rule, I will take their horse, I wont let my pride fall down. Lord Shankar is smiling.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : king virmani has the horse and his amry and sons and brother are standing. Hanuman says king give us the horse, if not it means you want war. Virmani says take your horse by defeating us.

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