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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with lord ram telling laxman bharat and shatrugan that please don’t stop me from leaving the throne, I cannot leave sita so I have to leave the throne, you my brothers are there to rule ayodhya. Laxman bharat and shatrugan sit on their knees and cry and say we are not capable to take the crown of ayodhya brother ram, we wont even dare to sit on the throne. Lord ram sits beside the throne on the ground and cries and says what do I do now? Even hanuman is not here with me today.

There raktrom fights hanuman and thinks this monkey cannot defeat me this time, I will not leave him, raktrom attacks a pointed weapon, hanuman breaks it and angrily punches raktrom which throws him on the ground. Raktrom falls unconscious. Hanuman thinks something bad is happening and lord ram needs me, I can feel it that he is in trouble, when my lord needs me I should have been there but I am fighting this demon.

There lord ram says I have to leave this throne, lord ram walks to go out of the palace, as he keeps one leg outside, lord ram hears his crown and throne saying ram, ram, ram! Lord ram steps inside again and looks at the throne and crown. The throne says lord ram, you decided to leave me so easily? You want to leave your responsibilities, you took an oath lord ram to serve the people of ayodhya so you cannot leave us like this. Lord ram closes his ears and says no! laxman says brother ram is undergoing the sorrow of leaving the throne. Lord ram looks at the symbol of suryadev over the throne and it says do not leave the throne lord ram, we gave you our blessings. Lord ram now stands and cries. Lord ram takes a decision and says laxman tomorrow do 1 thing, take sita to the ganga river towards the daman nadi forest and leave her there. Laxman shatrugan and bharat are shocked, they say but brother ram if bhabhi sita goes there will be nothing in this palace, everything will go into darkness without bhabhi sita. Lord ram says it is the only option I have, I cannot leave the throne as I took an oath to serve the people of ayodhya, lord ram cries.

There raktrom gets up and removes his weapons. Hanuman thinks I shall go to lord ram. Nagkanya is shocked and says raktrom woke up, raktrom attacks hanuman with his weapons. Nagkanya says see behind you! The weapons hit hanuman but break. Hanuman holds raktrom angrily and says now I will kill you. Hanuman punches raktrom and he is thrown back then he takes raktrom and tears him into halves. Suddenly he sees, raktrom comes back alive and says you cannot kill me hanuman. Raktrom removes his hair and creates black fog around him, then he starts disappearing and becomes invisible, then with his weapon he hits hanuman behind. Hanuman cannot see raktrom.

Raktrom hits hanuman with sword and gadha. Hanuman is angry. Hanuman says because of this demon I cannot go to lord ram, hanuman says jai shree ram and become very huge and stands above the sea. Hanumans says demon, you are hiding in this water, I will take all water, where will you hide then? Hanuman with his vayu power starts pulling all water. Nagkanya says who will stop hanuman from doing this? All the innocent creatures will die. The water god comes and says someone stop hanuman, if he drinks all the water then there will be chaos around the world, please stop.
There laxman says brother ram how can I do this? I cannot leave mata sita, if she goes, the happiness from ayodhya will go. lord ram says laxman, you have to do this, tomorrow morning take sita and leave her in the forest. Lord ram has tears.

Sita is sleeping in her room and touches her stomach as her child is going to come. Parvati devi says devi sita had her happiness only for a short time, she doesn’t know that now again sorrow has leapt into her life. There sita imagines taking care for her 2 children.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman flies towards ayodhya and says I should have been there with lord ram and sita, I hope nothing has happened to them. Laxman takes sita in a chariot and is going to ganga river.