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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with virmani saying to lord Shankar that they are all his disciples and today they will have war with ram’s army. Virmani says he cannot let his pride down and they will fight the army of ram. Lord Shankar says lord ram is the greatest soul living and taking his name can give your heart rest. Virmani says mahadev, we will not accept anyone’s rule but I ask you for a wish, if we are at any time losing the war, you come yourself with your army and fight from our side. Lord Shankar is shocked for some seconds and then says tathastu and goes. Virmani and everyone is happy and say har har mahadev. Virmani says sons lets go to war now, do not worry as mahadev himself is helping us.
Parvati in heaven thinks, mahadev was forced to give this wish to this egoistic virmani, what will happen now?

There hanuman and everyone is heading towards the kingdom. They all stop and king suman says see that is the kingdom of devpura. Hanuman sees. Then he says, what is this sound? Suddenly thousands of arrows are heading towards the army and hanuman. hanuman says I will not let anyone get hurt. Hanuman uses his gadha and hits it on the ground powerfully, it creates a wave. The wave pushes all the arrows back and the attack is failed.

Then hanuman and pushkar see and the horse is not there. Hanuman says this was a distraction so that they could take the horse.
There virmani and his army is standing with his sons and brother. The soldiers have captured the horse. king suman says it happen just as I expected. Pushkar says they took the horse from our eyes. Hanuman says king virmani, give the horse back to us. Virmani says no, I will not, you ad ram’s army have to go back from here. Hanuman says, if you don’t give us the horse back, it means you want war. Virmani says then do as you want, fight and get your horse back. Shatrugan says this is not just some ordinary army, it is lord ram’s army and back out as you can. Pushkar says hanuman ji, let me fight them. Hanuman says no pushkar, now we are talking let me talk to them. Hanuman says maharaj virmani please give us our horse back, you will be defeated from the army of lord ram. Virmani says I am not scared of anyone as I am the disciple of lord Shankar, I am very powerful, you cannot defeat us. Virmani’s son rukmangat says I will fight them. Pushkar says fight me. Rukmangat says child go home and play with the kids of your age. Pushkar says are you telling me to go back? Fight me, then you will know. Shatrugan says this kid is not any ordinary kid, he is a raghuvanshi. King virmani says okay then, let that kid pushkar and my son rukmangat fight, if anyone loses, they will lose the war. Pushkar says okay, shatrugan says pushkar remember what you have learnt from hanuman ji, and fight then. Pushkar says yes kaka shree an dtakes blessings of hanuman and shatrugan and goes to fight.

Rukmangat laughs and removes his arrow. Pushkar removes his arrow. Rukmangat fires and pushkar too. Pushkar’s arrow hits rukmangat’s arrow and the arrow goes to a tree, it hits some flowers and those fall at the foot of the huge shivling in virmanii’s kigdom temple. Virmani says what was that? pushkar says that was my pranam to lord Shankar and asking for forgiveness beforehand as I am about to defeat his disciples. In heaven, lord Shankar smiles. Rukmangat says fight this arrow that I fire now. rukmangat firs his arrow, pushkar fires his arrow. Hanuman thinks pushkar knows which weapon should be used for which weapon. Pushkar’s arrow turns into a chakra and rukmangat’s arrow removes 6 arrows, pushkar’s chakra hits all arrows of rukmangat and then hits rukmangat’s left side of face, it then goes and breaks the flag on virmani’s chariot. virmani is saved. Everyone is shocked on virmani’s side. Rukmangat says you took on the life of my father, I wont leave you now. rukmangat attacks a divya astra, pushkar attacks his arrow which destroys the divya astra and then hits rukmangats hand, his bow is thrown away and rukmangat falls down and is hurt. Hanuman smiles. Rukmangat egts up in anger as virmani is shocked and says rukmangat are you fine? Rukmangat says you must have taken my bow but not my hands, my arrow will now kill you. rukmangat takes a weapon and fires it with his hand itself. The weapon turns into many arrows and makes a cage which traps pushkar inside.

Virmani laughs and says now try to come out of this trap. Pushkar gets angry and attacks his arrows on the cage but nothing happens. Hanuman thinks they are trying to make pushkar angry and he may end up hurting himself. shatrugan says why isn’t he using mukti astra? Hanuman says I will do something. Hanuman becomes small and goes near the cage. Virmani sees and says so this monkey is trying to help, virmani attacks an arrow which removes a huge fly to eat hanuman. virmani says this fly will eat that monkey. Hanuman tells puskar, listen pushkar you have to stay calm and act according the situation you are in. pushkar says yes hanuman ji. As the fly comes near, it makes noise. Hanuman says pushkar use the mukti astra and break the cage. Pushkar is not able to hear because of the fly’s noise. He says what? Hanuman then beats the fly with his gadha and says fight by using your mind pushkar. Hanuman says now I will teach you fly. Hanuman fights the fly. Pushkar thinks and then remembers about the mukti astra, he says yes. Pushkar removes the mukti astra and attacks on the cage upwards, it breaks the cage, hanuman goes back to his place and becomes normal sized. Rukmangat and virmani are shocked. Rukmangat says pushkar, this time you will not be saved. I will send you into deep space with the brahmand astra, there you will die without oxygen. Rukmangat attacks the brhamand astra. Shatrugan says pushkar doesn’t have any weapon to tackle this brahmand astra. Shatrugan tells hanuman that pushkar does not have any weapon to attack the brahmand astra, you have to do something. There lord ram and sita watch this, rishi chyavan, bharat, laxman, sita and everyone else are worried.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : virmani tells lord Shankar that as he promised he has to come down now and fight for them with his dangerous war form. Come down lord Shankar! There lord Shankar closes his eyes to go down on earth. Shatrugan tells hanuman that maybe it seems lord Shankar will fight us now as he appears whenever virmani calls for his help.

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