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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th April 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The episode starts with everyone with the horse. lord ram himself baths the horse. rishi vashisht says now tie the golden bands to the horse. lord ram ties the bands and the horse is ready. Rishi Agastya says the horse is ready and it can go but we have to wait for hanuman till he convinces rishi chyavan. Lord ram says hanuman has done all tasks in time and I believe he will come this time in time too.
There the woman says hanuman till then help me with filling these pots. Hanuman says yes mata and takes the pots. Woman says so do you want to know the story? Hanuman says yes mata, if I listen about the story of rishi chyavan I will get some clue how to get his help. Mata says okay and starts, there was once a time when rishi chyavan was very young and he sat for his meditation and then started meditating for years and years and years long. He sat there in the middle of the forest in very deep meditation and bared all cold heat and rain till he became old. The ants built their anthill covering rishi chyavan inside to protect him, from this rishi chyavan started to shine really bright. One day a princess sukanmya was passing by with her father who was a king. She came with her friends and saw this bright light coming out of the anthill. She took a stick and then poked inside from one of the holes but the stick had blood all over and she was really shocked and scared. She thought she killed someone so she ran away with her friends very scared.

Rishi chyavan was disturbed and the anthill collapsed, old rishi chyavan got up and called wait sukanya!! He was very angry and he said I will destroy the entire universe now and my years of hardwork is gone and I meditated for years, I wont leave anyone alive. Rishi chyavan with his powers brought hurricanes, cyclones, volcanoes and earthquakes upon earth. The king and his daughter sukanya were still in the forest and the storms were strong so the king with his men and daughter fell at rishi chyavan’s legs and asked for forgiveness, he said please rishi chyavan stop entire humanity will die. Rishi said I wont stop and I will kill everyone. Then princess sukanya said to rishi chyavan that she is really sorry and she will take any punishment he gives her but let the world stay. Rishi chyavan stopped and said any punishment? Sukanya said yes. Rishi chyavan said then you have to marry me and serve me for life as I am blinded in one eye. Sukanya’s father said rishi please no! but sukanya accepted and said okay and in this way she was married to rishi chyavan.

Hanuman says that is really tense. Woman says yes. Then woman says, then once as rishi chyavan was sitting and sukanya was there, god Ashwini kumar came. He appeared and said to rishi that rishi chyavan I am the son of suryadev and I have come here to help you, I am the lord of medicines and I will give you a medicine which will cure your blindness in one eye and also make you back young for life. Rishi said yes. Ashwini kumar said but I watna wish too and you ahev to give me the position to become a god now and sit amongst the gods by doing your Pooja. Rishi agreed and he started the Pooja and chanted mantras to give make Ashwini kumar a god too. Indra dev was angry with this and he appeared and said rishi chyavan stop and you cannot give Ashwini kumar the right to sit amongst us gods and you are not doing right. Rishi did not pay attention. Indra dev said I will use force if I have to, to stop you. rishi did not pay attention. Indra dev removed his great indra astra, but rishi with his powers stopped indra dev and from indra dev’s feet, he started turning indra dev into stone. Indra dev pleaded sorry and said I am sorry rishi and I promise I wont stop you and ashiwini kumar will get to sit amongst us gods. Rishi did not stop, Ashwini kumar came and he said to rishi to spare indra dev and let him go. Rishi did so and with his holy water he threw it on indra dev’s affected area and made him back to normal. Indra dev said sorry. Then rishi chyavan’s Pooja was complete and Ashwini kumar earned the right to sit amongst the gods and he gave rishi chyavan the medicine. Both Ashwini kumar and indra dev prayed to rishi chyavan. Rishi chyavan drank the medicine. Ashwini kumar gave rishi chyavan a title and said from now on rishi, this medicine will be known by your name and called chyavan prash. Rishi then became young again and got his eyesight, even sukanya was happy. Rishi went into meditation again.
Hanuman says that is good and rishi chyavan is very powerful, I hope I get some clues from this story so that I can take rishi chyavan’s help. Hanuman sense that nikumbh is coming there, there in sky nikumbh tries entering forest but is thrown back as rishi chyavan’s presence make the forest protected by a shield. Sukanya says hanuman I understand you sense some danger but don’t worry as no demon can ever enter the forest when rishi chyavan is here. Hanuman says okay mata and then goes to fill the pots, he says I know you are devi sukanya now. As hanuman fills the water he sees a lion coming which pounces on sukanya but hanuman comes in between. He says lion stay away or else I will kill you. sukanya says no hanuman, its against rishi chyavans rules to kill any animal and don’t do this. Hanuman says lion king stay away and please go, I respect rishi chyavan’s rules and mata sukanya is his wife, don’t kill her. Lion says I have the right to decide whom I want to kill and eat, if you want to save her then come in her place and be my prey. Hanuman thinks that is right and the gods have made animal lion such that he can decide whom he wants to eat, I cant do anything but sacrifice myself.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuamnsits down and does pranam and says if it is this, then I will be your prey. Lion pounces.

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