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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with lord ram saying laxman you have to do as I said. Laxman prays his hands and cries, he says i am unlucky, last time bhabhi sita told me to arrange the woods for her agni pariksha and now you tell me to take bhabhi sita in the forest and leave her there. Lord ram says laxman you have to do what has to happen, even I cannot stop what is going to happen. Lord ram has tears and he walks away. Laxman says how will I go to bhabhi sita and tell her that she is going to be abandoned.

There hanuman is drinking all the water from the ocean. Nagkanya says hanuman ji please don’t do this, you never hurt innocent creatures, all the water creatures will die if you take all the water. Samudra dev says hanuman ji, please stop you are lord ram’s disciple, you never hurt anyone. Suddenly raktrom comes out and hanuman holds him, then he looks at the water and releases all the water he took in. the ocean is normal. Hanuman says I am sorry I did not mean to hurt any creatures in the water, I did this only to get raktrom out. Samudra dev blesses hanuman and goes. Nagkanya smiles. Hanuman takes raktrom on a hill land. Raktrom is angry and says hanuman I will kill you. Suddenly the sunlight puts raktrom;s shadow near hanumans leg and raktrom gets scared. Raktrom sees and moves away. Hanuman thinks I did not even attack him then why did he get scared and move away? I think its his shadow that shall be destroyed, that is why he moved away. Raktrom is angry and hanuman says now I will destroy you, hanuman says sakha to his tail and his tail holds raktrom. Raktrom says leave me, you cannot do anything to me.

There lord ram goes in sita’s room who is sleeping and dreaming. Lord ram cries and looks at her, then he keeps a flower on the table and remembers all the time he had with sita since their marriage, lord ram has tears and is sad. He then goes away. After sometime, sita is dreaming and has dreams of her 2 children with whom she is playing, sita dreams of a happy life. She then wakes up and smiles and says shree ram will be very happy. Sita then sees the flower on the table and says I think it is a sign from shree ram that he will take me to the forest that I wished to go with him, so my shree ram has asked me to be ready to go to the forest. There laxman is ready and comes outside sita’s room, he says it is so difficult for me to tell bhabhi sita that she is going to be abandoned, how will I do this?
There hanuman presses his leg on raktrom’s shadow. Raktrom is in pain and says leave me monkey I will kill you. Hanuman says okay I will leave you, hanuman leaves raktrom. Raktrom is angry. Hanuman then destroys the shadow of raktrom with one blow, raktrom is finally destroyed. Nagkanya in the water says so it was raktrom’s shadow that kept him alive, the demon is finally dead. Hanuman goes in the water. Nagkanya says thank you hanuman ji, today you have saved me and all the water creatures from the tortures of raktrom. Hanuman says don’t thank me, that was what lord ram would do and I am his disciple. Hanuman then says now I have to go mata, pranam. Nagkanya smiles. Hanuman flies.

There sita comes out and says laxman, did shree ram send you to take me to the forest? Laxman thinks does bhabhi sita know she is going to be abandoned? Sita says lord ram promised me to take me to the forest. Laxman thinks so bhabhi is in a misunderstanding, how do I tell her? Laxman says lord ram has told me to take you in a chariot, so lets go bhabhi sita. Sita says let me meet shree ram first as he is also coming. Sita goes towards lord ram’s door, laxman goes running and says bhabhi brother ram has said no one shall disturb him as he is working. Sita says then I will touch his feet shadow outside the door, sita touches the outside of the door floor and then says laxman lets go. they both go and sit in the chariot, sita says isn’t lord ram coming? Laxman says brother asked me to take you. Sita says maybe he will come from behind. There lord ram is sad in his room and suddenly some flowers come and fall at his legs, lord ram runs towards the balcony and is sad, he wants to see sita before she goes.

There parvati devi says what will go through hanuman when he knows that lord ram is being separated from sita, but for dharma sometimes a person has to whatever he can do even if it is very painful.
Hanuman is flying towards ayodhya and says lord ram and devi sita need me, who knows what is happening to them? I think I am late, I have to reach fast.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : pushkar tells hanuman that lord ram sent laxman uncle to leave mata sita in the forest as she has to be separated from lord ram. Hanuman has tears and says I am the disciple of lord ram, it is my job to stop brother laxman.