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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with laxman taking sita in the chariot. lord ram watches from the balcony as the chariot goes, he hides behind the pillar and cries. Lord ram then looks at the chariot go and looks at the flowers in his hand, he remembers sita and holds the flowers to his heart. Lord ram says my dear sita, my love forgive me, ram will forever be your criminal, the world will know ram as the criminal of sita. Lord ram says now ram will live in this world, but it would be without life. Lord ram sits down heart broken and sad.
There hanuman is flying towards ayodhya. In heaven, guru dev says what will happen when hanuman will see lamxan taking mata sita and if he knows the truth, what will hanuman do? Hanuman flies towards the palace. Hanuman says what happened here? the kingdom of ayodhya which looked so radiant and happy looks so dark now, what happened to ayodhya? Hanuman says something bad has happened here when I was not here. hanuman lands and enters the palace, there lord ram goes in his room and sits sad. Hanuman says what happened to the palace? Why is everything so quiet? I can see no one here. hanuman says when mata sita is there, then why does everything look so dark and sad? Hanuman says I will go in the court. Hanuman enters the court and sees it happy and radiant, he sees lord ram and sita at the throne, suddenly hanuman sees sita fading away, he comes back to his senses and sees no one is there in the court. Hanuman says the once very happy palace of ayodhya is looking sad, it seems something very sorrowful happened here. hanuman says why did I again see mata sita fade? Hanuman says I will ask shatrugan brother, he will tell me the truth. Hanuman goes to the room but sees the door is closed. Hanuman says the doors in ayodhya are never closed, then why are they closed today? And there is no one here, not even a servant, at this time in the morning everyone gets up here. hanuman says I shall go and ask lord ram, he will tell me everything.

In lord ram’s room, lord ram is sad and he is seeing sita’s memories and says sita are you here? the door opens, lord ram says sita! Hanuman enters the room and says prabhu! Pranam! Lord ram is having tears and he turns his back and wipes his tears. Lord ram thinks if hanuman sees me in this way, he will be troubled too, I cannot let hanuman see me. Hanuman says prabhu what happened here? everything looks so sad and quiet in the palace, and where is mata sita? Hanuman walks towards lord ram but lord ram walks ahead and says hanuman stop, no more questions now. hanuman says but. Lord ram says I need some alone time hanuman and I am not saying this, it is an order! Hanuman is sad and has tears he says okay prabhu. Hanuman has tears and thinks lord ram has never been rude with me. Hanuman goes out. Lord ram turns ahead and says hanuman I am sorry I spoke in this way with you but how could I tell you about sita? Lord ram has tears.
Outside hanuman says my lord ram never spoke to me rudely, hanuman has tears , I am sure he is in some trouble and is sad, that is why I am feeling troubled and sad too. Hanuman says I have to know what the reason is, when I am there I cannot see my lord sad, even if I have to fight anyone to bring back the happiness. Hanuman sees pushkar sitting alone and crying, he says why is pushkar sitting alone there and crying? Hanuman goes to pushkar.

There laxman reaches the river bank and sita gets down. Laxman is sad. Sita says we have to go to the other side laxman. A servant kevat comes and says mata sita, when lord ram came here I had the chance to wash his legs, now let me wash your legs too as it will be my good fate. Laxman says Bhabhi maa let me wash your legs too. Sita smiles and says okay and sits on a rock. Kevat and laxman wash sita’s legs, then kevat takes them across the river in a boat.

There hanuman asks pushkar that why are you sitting here alone and crying pushkar? Pushkar gets up. Hanuman says and where is mata sita? There sita and laxman come across the river and the chariot is there, sita says I thought lord ram would come here and give me a surprise, where is he? Laxman says brother ram is not coming here. sita says when will he come? Laxman is about to say but he says lord ram has ordered me to take you to the ashram of rishi’s. sita says then we should go there as lord ram must be there. They both get into the chariot. laxman is sad and looks down while riding the chariot. laxman thinks I shall tell mata sita now. there pushkar tells hanuman that mata sita is never coming and lord ram sent mata sita for an exile. Hanuman is broken and cries, he is shocked. Pushkar tells him the story, hanuman says this all happened because of the rude sentences of a washer man? Hanuman says lord ram did the job of raj dharma, but I will now do the job of putra(son) dharma, I will stop laxman brother and protect mata sita, I will bring her back. Pushkar says sankatmochan hanuman ji only you can do something now.

There laxman is in the chariot with mata sita and some flowers fall on sita’s hands. She is happy. Laxman has tears and says Bhabhi maa, I have something to tell you. sita says yes tell me laxman, even I want to know how lord ram is going to give me a surprise. Laxman stammers while saying and says brother ram has, there hanuman flies above and sees the chariot, he says no! stop laxman brother. Laxman sees hanuman and does not say anything.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman stands in front of the chariot and says laxman brother stop I cannot let you go ahead. Laxman says hanuman get aside I have to go as lord ram has told me. Sita is worried and says why are you both fighting? What happened that has brought you both to a battle, laxman has tears and stammers and says brother ram has abandoned you. sita is shocked to her heart.