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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with laxman riding the chariot and sita says tell me laxman what you want to say. laxman says Bhabhi, brother ram has… suddenly hanuman comes and says stop brother laxman. Laxman listens and sita sees hanuman. laxman thinks hanuman ji has come to stop me, I cannot stop as shree ram has told me to take mata sita. Laxman rides the chariot more faster. Hanuman says stop brother laxman. Sita says laxman bhaiya why don’t you stop the chariot? hanuman is flying behind us. Laxman does not say anything. Hanuman says you have to stop brother laxman, I cannot let you take mata sita with you. hanuman comes and stops in front of the chariot. laxman says I cannot stop the chariot hanuman ji, you know that, I have orders from shree ram so I have to go ahead. Hanuman says I have to do my job of putra dharma. Laxman says even you know, I have to do the job of the dharma of lord ram. Sita says what is going on? Son hanuman if laxman is following lord ram’s orders then why do you stop him? let the chariot go. hanuman gets aside and the chariot goes ahead. Hanuman says I cannot allow laxman to take mata sita, I have to follow putra dharma. Hanuman becomes huge and flies, he goes and stops in front of the chariot and says brother laxman I will not let you go ahead of this. Laxman says don’t stop me hanuman ji, please I have to go. hanuman says you have to stop otherwise I will have to use force. Hanuman then picks a mountain and keeps it in front of the chariot. hanuman says now I will see how you go. laxman says I will go hanuman ji, laxman removes an arrow and attacks the mountain which destroys it. laxman goes ahead with sita in the chariot. sita is worried.

In heaven, parvati says laxman and hanuman are both great warriors, they both are following their dharma, if a war happens In between them, there will be destruction.
There the chariot heads towards a valley in front and hanuman says with this speed the chariot wont stop, I have to save mata sita and brother laxman. Hanuman goes to the other side of the valley and starts throwing rocks in the valley. Laxman sees there is a dead end and start shooting arrows to make a bridge, with the rocks and arrows a bridge is made and laxman gets on the other side of the valley with the chariot and sita. Hanuman becomes more huge and now sits down, he says now I wont let you go ahead. Laxman says then I have to attack you, laxman removes an arrow. Sita says stop it both of you. laxman stops the chariot. sita says hanuman why are you stopping brother laxman from following lord rams orders? And laxman what is it so important that you cannot stop the chariot? hanuman says mata sita, you know where you are going? Sita says hanuman I know where I am going. Hanuman is shocked and says what? Sita says I only asked lord ram for this the day we went into the forest, I told him I wanted to go to the forests of chitrapur. Laxman has tears. Sita says brother laxman you are taking me there only right? Laxman doesn’t say anything. Sita says why don’t you speak laxman? Sita gets worried and says your silence is worrying me, please tell me lord ram is coming?

Laxman gets down of the chariot and is crying. Sita says hanuman tell me what happened? Is lord ram coming? Hanuman is crying. Sita asks laxman that tell me laxman, I am worried now. laxman stammers and says Bhabhi ma, brother ram..has abandoned you. hanuman and laxman cry. Sita is shocked to the core of her heart. She says abandoned me? My shree ram abandoned me? How can my swami abandon his sita? Hanuman and laxman cry. Sita is heart broken and looks at the ground. Hanuman tells the story of the washer man and his wife and which made lord ram take this decision. Laxman says brother ram was going to leave the throne and come with you but we brothers did not have the will to take his crown, so he had to take this decision. Hanuman says because of the rude words of a foolish washer man, my mother’s happiness has been taken. Suddenly sita falls unconscious. Hanuman says no! mata! Laxman and hanuman are shocked and go to aid sita. Hanuman sees mata sita and thinks I know mata sita is pregnant but laxman brother cannot see what I can see, in this state of health I cannot let mata sita live in the forest, she has to be taken to the palace. Hanuman says laxman brother lets take mata sita to the palace. Laxman says wait hanuman, I cannot disobey shree ram’s orders. Hanuman says look at mata sita, she is unconscious and weak. Laxman says I will leave mata sita in the forest safely, my dharma is to follow shree ram’s orders. Hanuman says I will not let you do that, this will bring us to battle. Laxman says there is no other option left. Hanuman and laxman walk ahead on the ground and hanuman says is there no option other than battle? Laxman says hanuman ji there is no other solution to this.

Parvati in heaven says what I feared would happen is happening. Both are great warriors and now the result will be only destruction. Laxman removes his weapon and throws a gadha on hanuman. hanuman attacks his gadha. Both the weapons clash and a huge strong wave is formed that shakes everything. in ayodhya everyone feel it and lord ram gets up in tears and is sad. Bharat, shatrugan come and bharat says this strong wave came from the forest brother, I think laxman is fighting someone. Rishi vashisht comes. Everyone do pranam. Rishi says ram this wave came from the fight of hanuman and laxman, lord ram says which means hanuman knows. Lord ram says hanuman wont agree to the decision of sending sita and he will do everything in his power to bring back sita as he knows that is what my heart wants and it wont bear the separation of sita, on the other hand laxman will obey my orders and do everything in his power to follow it.
There hanuman and laxman fight with their weapons and clash each other.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : laxman says I will fight the mahabali hanuman with my powerful weapons and I will try to stop you hanuman ji. Hanuman fights laxman and says then fight my powers laxman brother. As they both fight, sita is in danger from a tiger and some wild animals.