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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The episode starts with kuber coming with the pushpak vimaan and he lands on lanka. Everyone is happy. Kuber does pranam and, then enire army and everyone get on the push[ak vimaan. Devi sita’s protector brijata comes and takes sita’s blessings, sita hugs her as she cries. Lord ram says brijata you did a great work protecting sita in lank and for that I grant you a blessing, when a pooja for happiness will be done, you will receive its benefit too. brijata has tears and does pranama. Finally everyone get on puhspak vimaan and then they all fly as hanuman flies from behind. The pushpak vimaan crosses the ocean and finally everyone reaches india.
The army and everyone get down from the pushpak vimaan and lord ram then smiles after looking at india. Lord ram says to everyone that india is our motherland and it takes care of us like a mother providing for all our needs and now that we have reached here we shall thank our motherland. Everyone do pranam as lord ram does and say thank you bharat bhumi. Suddenly lord ram sees in the sky and sees 5 white demons who are visible and get invisible again. Hanuman sees lord ram’s face and thinks what happened and then sees in the sky. He says I see someone but they are going invisible again. Suddenly angad says everyone take your weapons and I sense someone is here. The demons then come visible and laugh. Everyone look at them. Lord ram says these are pischa’s. jambhuvan says yes they are pischa’s but we need not be scared as hanuman has attained victory over them and no one will dare to come near anyone as hanuman is here. the demons say we have not come here to do any sin and instead we have come to tell you lord ram has done a brahma hatya and now you all will suffer and lord ram too, everyone will become a brahma rakshas and you all will become like us. The demons go laughing. Sita comes and says lord they are right and you killed ravana who was a Brahman. Lord ram says yes I killed ravana. Hanuman says but he was iniquity and had to be killed. Lord ram says yes but we have been blamed for this killing even if it is on the path of righteousness and now we will have to pray to lord shiv and remove the blame of that sin from our heads. Sita says yes as lord will be king of ayodhya. Lord ram says yes, then if I don’t remove this blame from my head then any king will kill a Brahman and that should not happen. Jambhuvan says we will need lord shiv’s aatma ling for the pooja. Hanuman says don’t worry and I will bring the aatma ling. Lord ram says yes. Hanuman says you all start preparations for the pooja and I will go and bring the aatma ling.
In heaven, lord Shankar and parvati smile. Beside nandi is there and he says hanuman has become haughty and with haughtiness come vanity and this is not right. It must be because he completed tasks for killing shatanand and ravana. There hanuman departs for kaliash mountains where lord shankar’s aatma ling is. There parvati says hanuman is a very great disciple of lord Shankar and he will complete his task. Nandi says mata but I see something else and hanuman has become too vain. Lord Shankar smiles and says what do you want nandi? Nandi says I will take hanuman’s test and if he passes then he may take the aatma ling.
There hanuman reaches kaliash mountains and sees the feet touch of lord Shankar on the mountain. Hanuman touches it and says the holy touch of bhole baba is here, hanuman takes its blessings and then heads forward. There nandi is disguised as an old man having a disease. Hanuman sees him and thinks he has kusht rog. Nandi says monkey please help this old man and I need water. Hanuman goes. Nandi says I knew and hanuman has become very vain. Hanuman brings water and nandi is shocked, nandi says I am untouchable. Hanuman says no baba and all humans are children of god and take this water, hanuman helps nandi in drinking water. Hanuman does the work and says I need to go baba as I have a task to complete. Nandi thinks this was just a small test and now I will test hanuman and see whether he helps me or goes for his task. In heaven, lord Shankar says nandi said hanuman is vain but now nandi has gone into vanity and if a person understands soon he has become vain it will be good and I hope nandi understands this soon.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: there are 2 nandi’s and one tells hanuman that this man has been fooling you since when and he wates your time. Nandi says I am nandi and who are you?

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