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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with bharat saying there will be destruction as hanuman and laxman fight. There hanuman and laxman fight with their gadha and attack each other. Then they stop. Hanuman sees mata sita, then he thinks I shall finish this battle soon as mata is not in good health. Laxman removes his 3 divya arrows and says hanuman ji, my divya arrows never stop without destroying anyone. Hanuman smiles and says attack your arrows then. Laxman attacks his arrows. Hanuman goes and uproots a tree and throws it, the arrows hit the tree and hanuman says now handle this attack laxman brother. Laxman attacks an arrow and destroys the tree. Hanuman says jai shree ram, mata sita wakes up and sees hanuman and laxman fighting, she thinks why is hanuman opposing lord rams orders? Sita says they are fighting because of me.

In the palace, shatrugana says this shaking of the ground will stop only when the battle ends. Rishi vashisht says the battle can be stopped by only one person, he is mahamantri sumantra ji. Rishi says mahamantri sumantra ji was there when hanuman was born to king kesari and mata anjana, he is a very good friend of mahamantri sumantra, hanuman wont disagree to the words of mahamantri sumantra. Mahamantri sumantra comes and says pranam shree ram. Shree ram says pranam and everyone say pranam sumantra ji. Sumantra says shree ram I can say only one thing, I will try my best to convince hanuman. Sumantra goes.

There hanuman and laxman are fighting and laxman removes his vajra astra and hanuman and laxman clash their weapons, hanuman’s gadha destroys laxmans weapon and laxman is pushed back. Laxman says today I will fight with all my power with the mahabali hanuman whose power is known in the universe. Hanuman says even I will fight a raghuvanshi, lets see who is powerful. Both of them fight hand to hand combat. Sita sees this and says this is all happening because of me, they are fighting but if I am not here then why will they both fight? I will go from here. Sita goes.

In heaven, parvati devi says why is devi sita blaming herself for what is happening? Lord Shankar says devi, a person becomes jealous and insults and blames others but goes ahead but whom he blames that person blames himself for everything.

There hanuman and laxman fight and laxman says hanuman ji, I will not stop unless I follow shree ram’s orders. Hanuman says even I will follow my putra dharma. Hanuman pushes laxman and then kicks him behind. Laxman goes near the chariot, laxman says fight me hanuman ji. Hanuman is shocked to see sita is not there in the chariot. Hanuman says what are we fighting for when mata sita is not here? Laxman sees and is shocked too. hanuman sees sita’s bangles and says mata sita left her jewelry. Hanuman says brother laxman we have to find mata sita first. Laxman says yes. Both hanuman and laxman start finding sita. Hanuman and laxman call for mata sita in the forest, in a chariot Sumantra comes. Hanuman and laxman stop and mahamantri sumantra gets down. both say pranam. Sumantra says hanuman you have to stop fighting. Hanuman says how will we fight when mata sita is not here? Hanuman says but I have to follow putra dharma sumantra ji. Sumantra says hanuman I know that, but it is what dharma means and lord ram had to abandon mata sita, no one is happy, not laxman, not lord ram not you, not me or anyone but we have to accept this. Hanuman says I know sumaantra ji. Sumantra says this is all because of that curse.

Hanuman says curse? Which curse? Laxman is puzzled. Sumantra says this was the curse given by narad muni ji to shree hari. Hanuman says shree hari which means lord Vishnu and that means lord ram.hanuman says but narad muni is the disciple of lord Vishnu, why would he give a curse to lord Vishnu? Sumantra tells the story, that once narad muni had become a rishi and he had sacrificed all the worldly pleasures, so wherever he went and any god who gifted him anything, narad muni would say no I don’t want it, like first with indra dev who is gifting narad muni a pearl neck band, narad says no give it one who loves all this I have given away all such pleasures. Then to brahma dev, narad says give this gift to one who is greedy and wants it, then with lord Shankar narad said give it to one who has a love for such stuff. Sumantra says narad muni had got ego of leaving his worldly pleasures and all gods ignored this but lord Vishnu had been looking at all this and he thought of giving narad muni a lesson. Hanuman says then what happened? Sumantra says one day narad muni went to lord Vishnu and lord Vishnu was talking with devi laxmi about the beautiful kingdom of vaikunth and it is very beautiful and gives the eye a feast of beauty.

Lord Vishnu says narad muni do you want to see the kingdom of vaikunth? Narad says no lord, I am not interested in all this as I am a rishi and I don’t care about such pleasures. Lord Vishnu and laxmi smile. Lord Vishnu says then while going don’t look at the kingdom. Narad says yes lord and goes. Sumantra continues and says then narad was passing by the kingdom and narad says I will not even look at this kingdom, what is there so much here? Narad then walks by and says even if I see the kingdom what will happen? I will not be mesmerized by it. Narad then sees the kingdom and sees the flowers, the waterfalls and walks into the palace. There lord Vishnu looks at laxmi, laxmi goes inside the palace and disguises in the form of 3 women talking to a princess, narad listens. The women say so whom will you marry? A god, a rishi or a great warrior? Princess says I will marry one who looks like shree hari. Princess turns ahead, narad sees her and is very mesmerized by her beauty, he thinks I will marry her. Narad goes to lord Vishnu and says shree hari, I want the face of shree hari, the face like you.

Lord Vishnu says when you will go to the swyamvar you will have the face of shree hari. Narad is happy and goes to the swayamvar. There many gods and warriors are there. Narad walks by them and stands, everyone laugh looking at him. narad is having the face of a monkey, he stands and thinks they must be jealous of me so they are laughing. Sumantra tells hanuman that narad muni failed to understand that hari also means a monkey. Hanuman says monkey? There The princess vishmani comes and has the garland, she looks at narad muni then smiles and passes by. Narad thinks I have the face of shree hari then why didn’t she put the garland in my neck? Naradmuni goes back in the line, princess sees again goes ahead. Narad muni again goes and says princes why do you ignore me? I have the face of shree hari. Everyone laugh and say not shree hari, you have the face of a monkey which does mean hair. Everyone laugh. Narad looks in the mirror and is very angry and has tears. Lord Vishnu appears and he puts the garland in the princess’s neck. Princess comes to her form of devi laxmi. Narad is angry and says lord Vishnu you did not do this right, you insulted me, I curse you that in your human form you will never be happy with your wife and you will be separated.

Hanuman says so this is the reason for mata sita and lord ram’s sorrow. Sumantra says yes. Hanuman says I know lord rams heart, it is not willing to stay away from mata sita. But I will stay with mata sita and protect her, sumantra says where mata sita is going is an ashram of rishi’s she will be safe there. Hanuman says I am her son, I cannot leave mata sita. Hanuman says brother laxman you go I will find mata sita. Laxman says okay and goes with sumantra ji.

Hanuman goes on finding mata sita, he then sees sita sleeping on a rock and there are all wild animals around sita and a huge snake with 5 heads above sita. Hanuman sees and says these wild animals, I will not let them harm mata sita. Hanuman goes ahead and then says but they are not harming mata sita, they are protecting her, which means all these children of mata sita want her to be protected. Hanuman smiles and says mata sita is having a child in her stomach but she is resting on a hard rock. Hanuman prays to goddess earth and goddess of the forests that sita is your daughter goddess earth and mata sita is your sister goddess forest, make this place at least a bit relaxing for mata sita. Hanuman prays. Both the goddess appear.

Goddess forest makes the entire forest beautiful and shining and radiant, all trees have fruits and full of flowers and there is beauty everywhere. The ground becomes a radiant lawn and full of flowers and the rock becomes a stack of hay. Hanuman smiles. Then hanuman says I will till then bring fruits and water for mata sita. Hanuman brings water in leaves but says this much water wont be enough for mata sita, she is tired. Suddenly squirrels come and hanuman says you are here to help? Squirrels nod their head. The squirrels, birds and ants bring fruits and the elephants bring a lot of water for sita. Hanuman smiles. Hanuman then has tears and cries and sits, his tears fall on sita’s legs and she wakes up. Sita looks at hanuman angd says hanuman what are you doing here?

Lord ram needs you in the palace, he is going through the sorrow of my separation from him, you have to be with him. hanuman says mata, lord ram has mothers and brothers but you are not having anyone, I am your son and I will not leave you. Sita says but lord ram needs his disciple and you have to go, hanuman says no mata, I know lord ram’s heart, he wants you back too. there laxman tells everything that happened to lord ram, lord ram listens and has tears.

Hanuman then remembers about the 2 flowers in the chariot and thinks 2 flowers means mata is having 2 children in her stomach. Sita gets up and touches her stomach. Hanuman says mata in this health, you are pregnant and will have 2 children, I will not leave you. Sita thinks how did hanuman know this?
A monster in a cave senses the children and says I am one who fests on babies and I sense 2 babies here, I will eat them, they are either born or not born but I am hungry. Sita thinks I feel my children are not safe here.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : the monster sees sita and says that woman is having children. The monster turns into a caterpillar to go to sita, hanuan is going to mata sita but the caterpillar is reaching sita.