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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th March 2017 video Watch online HD on 

The episode starts with nandi having kodi and he says to hanuman to bring him the medicine and he will get it in the flower in the pond of kaliash parbat. Hanuman goes there and picks up the leaves and the ponds and returns back. He then sits down and puts the medicine on nandi’s body where he is affected by the disease kodi. Then hanuman puts it on the feet, nandi smiles and says stop hanuman. He comes back to his form. Hanuman says nandi ji! Nandi gets up and hanuman too. Nandi says hanuman I was testing you whether you had become vain after the war with ravana and shatanand and you are not vain hanuman. Hanuman then says nandi ji I remember when I came here and I was a child, lord shiv said no one could go to him without someone being here to guide the one who wanted to go to lord Shankar and only a true shiv disciple could go. Nandi smiles and says yes hanuman, hanuman says I need your guidance and then says ravana was killed because of you only nandi ji. Nandi becomes happy and says oh yes that’s true. Hanuman says you had given him a curse that he would be killed from a monkey. Nandi gets more happy. In heaven parvati and lord Shankar smile and parvati says nandi wanted to test hanuman about his vanity but hanuman turned the dice and nandi has become vain now. Lord Shankar smiles and says lets see if nandi understands his vanity soon.
There nandi understands that hanuman is trying to prove him vain. Nandi thinks I will act the same and turn the game. Hanuman says nandi ji you are very great and I need your help to take me to lord Shankar for his aatma ling. Nandi says yes and walks ahead hanuman as hanuman goes behind nandi. Suddenly another nandi appears and says wait hanuman and this is not nandi and I am, he is fooling you since when. Nandi says no hanuman he is fooling you and who is this mayavi? The other nandi says hanuman you know my anger and if I get angry I will not leave him and you have faced me in childhood. Hanuman remembers him facing nandi as the raging bull in childhood. Hanuman says you both look the same and how can I distinguish between you? nandi takes the form of a bull and the other one takes too. Nandi says hanuman if he doesn’t go now I will attack him and my anger will destroy the universe. Hanuman thinks that both look the same and have the same powers, if they clash each other then the universe may be in trouble. Both nandi’s run towards each other as bulls, hanuman stops them and then pushes them back. He then says I have distinguished the true one. Both come back to their form. Both nandi’s say tell me who is true? Hanuman says you both can walk with me 3 rounds of this mountain in Kailash dham and then the true one will live. Nandi promises he will walk behind hanuman to take 3 rounds, the other nandi says yes too. Hanuman then walks and 2 rounds are over and nandi thinks if I walk the third round then I will be proved vain as the other is my form to keep hanuman busy and what shall I do? Nandi stops. Hanuman says why did you stop nandi ji? And you promised you would walk the 3 rounds and now you have stopped on the earth of kaliash dham and if you do that you know you will have done a sin as you are a true lord shiv bhakt. Nandi says nothing. Hanuman says at least now nandi ji take your form and take me to lord Shankar. Nandi says I am sorry hanuman, he takes his form and then says now we will go to lord Shankar after taking this round, they take the round and then go to lord Shankar. Parvati and lord Shankar smile as they watch everything. parvati says hanuman proved that he has not become vain and he is intelligent too. Lord Shankar smiles.
Hanuman does pranam to lord Shankar. Lord Shankar blesses hanuman. Hanuman says lord Shankar I have come here for your aatma ling. Lord Shankar says I know hanuman and I even know you have to reach with the aatma ling to lord ram in time. Hanuman says then lord Shankar please give me the aatma ling. Lord Shankar smiles and says hanuman, ravana had sacrificed his hands and legs to me for the aatma ling and if I give it to you just like that, that wont be right. Hanuman says lord Shankar what ravana asked was someone else’s belonging but lord ram is asking his own belonging to you. lord Shankar and parvati smile and parvati says how is that? Hanuman says lord Shankar you have taken the name of lord ram all life and have lord ram living in your heart too, so the aatma ling iin short comes from lord ram who lives in your heart, it means it belongs to him too and you are connected to lord ram and he is connected to you. parvati smiles and says that is true hanuman. Lord Shankar says hanuman what you said is right and I will give you my aatma ling. Lord shankar’s chest shines and then the aatma ling comes out and it is in the form of shiv ling with golden shine. Hanuman takes it and does pranam to lord Shankar.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : lord ram puts the shivling in the ground and starts for the prayer.

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