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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with lord Shankar coming down with his army. Lord Shankar is on his bull and heads towards earth with his form of vir bhadra too. King suman says it is lord shankar’s form of vir bhadra. Pushkar says who is vir bhadra? Hanuman says I will tell you, once king daksh was doing a Pooja for which he did not invite his daughter devi sati and her husband lord Shankar. Devi sati appeared for the Pooja but king daksh insulted her and lord Shankar. Devi sati then stepped into the fire thinking her lord insult was because of her, she committed suicide. Lord Shankar was very angry and his tandav created the form of vir bhadra, vir bhadra came on earth and he killed king daksh.
Lord Shankar reaches earth with his army. Virmani says lord you came to fight for me and protect my army. Hanuman pushkar shatrugan and king suman say pranam lord Shankar.

Lord Shankar says kalyan ho. Lord Shankar says today my blessings are with both the armies but I will fight from the side of my mahabhakt virmani. Hanuman says, mahadev how can you fight against lord ram’s ashvamedh yag? I have seen lord ram in your heart, you take his name just like I do, how can you fight against dharm? Lord Shankar says hanuman, I am well aware of the situation but when a disciple does everything for his god, even a god has to do everything for his disciple, I am bound by my disciple’s wishes. I know lord ram is bound to his decorum by sitting at the Pooja as he cannot fight for you here. Hanuman says but mahadev, you are the father of the universe, you are rudra and I am your rudransh, how can I fight you? To keep dharm, I am a god fighting for his disciple and you are fighting for your god, we both cannot disappoint them. Soin this battle, you have to fight me as an enemy. hanuman says yes mahadev, my guru suryadev taught me the same. to keep dharm, if it means I have to fight you to keep my lord am’s ashvamedh yag going, I will fight you and if it means I even have to give my life, I will fight till the end of my life. Pushkar, shatrugan and everyone are shocked. Lord ram is worried and shocked and says today what my disciple makes the decision, I will accept it as I cannot let my disciple’s life in danger.

There vir bhadra comes and the war starts. Vir bhadra is surrounded by lord ram’s army. Vir bhadra says I was made by the anger of mahadev, you cannot defeat me. No once can defeat me, I will destroy you. the army attacks but vir bhadra fights the soldiers with his sword and kills them. Hanuman sees vir bhadra and says I have to fight vir bhadra as he is very powerful for the army. Hanuman then sees the army being attacked by lord shankar’s army coming down as meteors. Hanuman stands and then screams loudly, his sound waves throw away the army coming down on earth. Shatrugan sees hanuman fighting lord shankar’s army and says I will till then fight vir bhadra. Pushkar fights virmani and his son. Virmani and his son attack 2 arrows and say we have been backed by lord Shankar, you cannot defeat us. Pushkar attacks an arrow and it destroys both the arrows and then attacks virmani and his son. They both are shocked.

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Vir bhadra attacks with rage and kills soldiers. Hanuman after saving the army sees nandi running towards him. Nandi stops and then looks at hanuman. nandi then thinks how can I fight my own? Today this situation is developed that I have to fight hanuman. hanuman thinks they both are forced to fight each other today. Lord Shankar says I understand both your emotions but battle is not fought by emotions, you have to fight for whom you serve. Hanuman says I have to fight for my lord ram, nandi says I have to fight for lord Shankar, this is a battle of 2 disciples. Nandi turns into a bull and runs towards hanuman. hanuman then stops nandi by his horns and pushes him back. Hanuman says nandi ji this time I wont fight lightly, I am in my destruction form and I will use all my power to stop you. nandi says this is not a test like last time hanuman, I will fight too.
There vir bhadra kills the soldiers and then shatrugan picks a spear and attacks on vir bhadra. Vir bhadra destroys the spear with his sword.

King suman fights with virmani’s brother and says you cannot defeat me, I will not allow you to harm anyone. Brother says come then lets fight, they both clash their weapons and fight.
Vir bhadra says shatrugan you will not stand a chance against me, back off now, I will kill you otherwise. Shatrugan says I am the brother of lord ram and a raghuvanshi, I will fight you and destroy you. shatrugan and vir bhadra fight with their swords. Shatrugan gives a tough fight but is pushed behind by vir bhadra, hanuman sees and thinks shatrugan brother will be harmed by vir bhadra’s power, I have to help him, I have to defeat nandi quickly. Shatrugan is pushed down and falls on the ground. Vir bhadra heads towards shatrugan to kill him. Pushkar sees virmani and his son and he attacks his weapon and says I will defeat them and then help kaka shatrugan. The arrows remove fire bolts and hit son and virmani and throw them away. Pushkar then attacks his arrow and steps on it, he heads towards vir bhadra.

Hanuman there holds nandi by his horns and then throws him away. Nandi falls and is in pain. The soldiers say nandi is defeated, how is this possible? Hanuman does pranam and says nandi ji I am sorry but I had to defeat you so that I can help shatrugan ji. Hanuman says vir bhadra stay alert I am coming to fight you.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman fights vir bhadra. Vir bhadra kicks pushkar and he goes far in the sky. Hanuman says no!! pushkar!! Hanuman says vir bhadra now I will kill you as you hurt pushkar, the son of a raghuvanshi.

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