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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman you will watch lord ram puts the shivling in the ground and starts for the prayer. Stay tune for more Written Updates.

The episode starts with parvati saying that praying for lord Shankar is very tough and devi laxmi the wife of lord Vishnu had to go through a lot of difficulties. Hanuman says what is the story mata. Parvati says yes hanuman, she then says once lord Vishnu and laxmi were there and devi laxmi was serving lord Vishnu, she then asked him to promise her and always keep her in his heart. Lord Vishnu said laxmi I cant do that even if I want to and only mahadev can grant you that wish, laxmi says then I will pray to mahadev. Then devi laxmi started praying for lord Shankar and for years she prayed under all circumstances and final even sacrificed pieces of her body flesh. After years lord Shankar appeared and he then brought devi laxmi back to how she looked and beautiful she was.

Lord Shankar then asked what is your wish devi laxmi? Devi laxmi asked lord Shankar that she wanted her to stay in lord vishnu’s heart forever and no one else. Lord Shankar granted her the wish, then devi laxmi asked that how could the people in kalyug ask any wish for lord Shankar and she had to go through so much to impress him. Lord Shankar smiled and said your sacrifice of your body flesh wont go waste and then the fire glowed and a plant came out of it which was the bel plant, lord Shankar says from now my Pooja will be done with bel leaves and even the humans from kalyug will benefit from it. hanuman says that is nice mata. Parvati and lord Shankar say hanuman while going take bel leaves too and parvati says hanuman take the bel leaves which are clean and not eaten by insects and remember do not pluck them after the sun sets. Lord Shankar says hanuman do not keep the aatma ling on ground otherwise it will establish there itself. Hanuman says yes lord, now I will go, he says pranam prabhu pranam mata and does pranama to nandi ji and hanuman goes.

He then reaches the bel tree in Kailash forest. There jambhuvan says we did not get bel leaves and we hope hanuman brings them too. Hanuman then is plucking the leaves but the sun sets, hanuman stops and says he will stay there for the night and pluck when the sun rises as mata said it should not be plucked after sun set. Hanuman stays under the tree the night with the aatma ling, next day the sun rises and hanuman gets up to pluck the leaves, he then sees insects and piplika on the leaves, he says what do I do now? Hanuman then sees a bee hive and says yes he has an idea. Hanuman removes the honey and puts it on the stems, all the insects get attracted to the honey and hanuman then removes the leaves. He then departs to lord ram.

There sita says lord ram, hanuman has not yet come and we should start the Pooja by making the shiv ling from the mud only as the time is going. Lord ram agrees and makes the shiv ling and sita and lord ram prepare for the Pooja. Hanuman reaches and has the aatma ling and bel leaves, he sees the shiv ling made by lord ram and thinks lord ram did not wait for me, didn’t he trust me? and it means I failed my task .hanuman is very sad and jambhuvan says see hanuman has come. Sita sees hanuman and sees he is sad, she thinks she has never seen hanuman so sad. Hanuman says pranam and then says lord ram, you did not wait for me and I brought the aatma ling but now please use this too lord. Lord ram says hanuman, I have already made this shivling and aatma ling cannot be used when I have established a new shiv ling and it would be disrespectful. Hanuman says lord then the aatma ling has no use and I shall return it, lord ram stops hanuman. Suddenly lord Shankar appears. Everyone do pranam. Lord Shankar says hanuman you did not fail and your task has been successful. Hanuman says when the aatma ling wot be used how is my task successful? Lord Shankar says hanuman the shiv ling that lord ram made will be from today known as the gods shiv ling and the aatma ling that you will keep will be known the disciples shiv ling and the people who will come here to pray, this place will be known as rameshwaram. Hanuman is happy. Lord Shankar goes as everyone say mahadev ki jai.
Hanuman and lord ram do the Pooja of both shiv lings as they are established. Sita says now we shall go lord ram as brother bharat must be waiting otherwise he may burn himself.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : lord ram says we will first take the blessings of hanuman’s mother and father. Hanuman says but lord brother Bharat is waiting and he will step into burning fire.

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