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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with a demon in a cave whose form is half centipede and half monster. Demon says I feel and smell two children here, I live on eating children, I am hungry. Demon says I will feed on those children, either they are born or they are not.
There hanuman says mata, you are carrying two children and it is the greatest happiness a woman has but you are here in the forest in such health. There lord ram says sita I have become lifeless without you, no happiness is there in ayodhya without you.
There hanuman tells sita that lord ram has become lifeless without you, ayodhya has become quiet and there is no happiness, everyone is sad without you. Sita says lord ram is feeling very lonely hanuman, he is in a lot of pain, he needs you hanuman you have to go to lord ram. Hanuman says mata, you have children in your stomach, until I find a rishi’s ashram for you, I cannot leave you.

There lord ram says sita, you are not here, ram’s life is incomplete without you, even hanuman knows that.
There the demon becomes centipede and crawls near a tree. Sita tells hanuman that there are these animals to protect me hanuman, so you should go and stay with lord ram. Hanuman says mata, I will go and find a rishi’s ashram for you even mahamantri sumantra told me there are ashrams here for you. Hanuman goes.
There a rishi is praying to suryadev and lets water down his hand. Then after praying rishi starts praying to lord ram, he says ram ram shree ram ram ram. There hanuman is in the forest finding for a rishi’s ashram. The rishi goes and sits in his ashram under a tree and keeps praying to lord ram. Hanuman is finding for the ashram, he sees forest everywhere and says sumantra ji said there are many ashrams here but I can see just forest here. Hanuman suddenly hears the sound of someone praying to lord ram and he says who is that? There is a lord ram disciple.

There the demon comes as centipede and sees sita, he says this woman is having the children in her stomach. Centipede tries to come near sita but a circle of shield is protecting her. Demon says there is a divya power protecting this woman, she doesn’t seem to be a normal human, but even I am a child eater, even though the children are not born I will cross this shield and eat her.

There hanuman sees the rishi and enters his ashram. He keeps his gadha down and kneels and says ram ram ram. The rishi opens his eyes and sees lord ram in hanuman and thinks this must be hanuman. Hanuman opens his eyes. Rishi then remembers a long time ago when he was praying at the river side, he was looking at 2 birds in love and rishi says these birds are so peaceful and in love, suddenly an arrow hits one bird and it is killed. Rishi is furious and he sees a hunter, he says you have sinned and killed a bird who was in love with another bird, I curse you that you will never be happy in your life. Suddenly rishi regrets his curse and says what have I done? I curse a kshatriya, who kills birds for a living this is their dharma, what have I done. Suddenly brahma dev appears and he says don’t worry rishi, rishi says pranam brahma dev, brahma dev says don’t worry rishi what you have done has started an event, you will be the one to write kavyapadh and you will now the story of lord ram and sita and the story of their life full of sacrifices and sorrow, you will know everything and what emotions they feel. Brahma dev says you will write kavyapadh and you will tell the story of their lives, they will go to exile in the forest, sacrifice of lord ram, sita, laxman, hanuman and bharat and the story of all the people revolving around them. Rishi valmiki says thank you brahma dev.

In present, rishi says you must be the great lord ram disciple hanuman. Hanuman says yes. Rishi thinks I will get help from hanuman about the story of lord ram. Hanuman thinks I will get help from rishi valmiki as this is the right place for mata sita to stay. Hanuman says rishi I need your help. Rishi says what happened hanuman? Hanunman says mata sita needs place to stay in an ashram and this place looks right. Rishi says sita? What happened hanuman? Why is devi sita coming in the forest to live? Hanuman tells the story of the washer man and how lord ram had to abandon mata sita. Rishi is shocked and says this is not right, but as a father to sita I will come with you to take sita here.

There it is night fall till hanuman and rishi come to sita. The centipede and all animals go as rishi valmiki and hanuman come. Sita gets up. Hanuman says mata, he is the great rishi valmiki he has an ashram here, you will live there. Sita says pranam rishi valmiki. Rishi says daughter sita, you shall come and live in my ashram. Sita says rishi, I am sorry but now I think my life belongs in this forest and I should stay here. Rishi valmiki says no sita, let me be a father, come and live in my ashram, it is the story of many years back when I was praying near the sea but its waves were creating a difficulty in my prayers, I prayed to samudra dev many times to stop this difficulty, he appeared and said in his pride that the waves would never stop and he shall find another place for him as the sea is a natural event which shall not stop and I am the father of devi laxmi so the water wont stop creating waves. Rishi was angry and says you have pride on being the father of devi laxmai, one day I will be the father of devi laxmi, you will see.
Sita listens. Rishi says sita please come with me.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : sita says hanuman and rishi valmiki I will come but you both have to promise me one thing, my children shall never know who I am and I shall be a normal human being for them and hanuman you shall never come in your hanuman form to meet them, you shall come as a normal human being.

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