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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with rudra astra clashing with hanuman’s agni astra, vayu astra and varun astra. Agni astra attacks fire on rudra astra but it is destroyed and the vayu astra is also destroyed and then even varun astra. All gods are shocked and lord ram worried for hanuman. parvati says no, the rudra astra will hurt hanuman. hanuman there says I cannot accept defeat in this dharm battle, I have to fight the rudra astra. Lord ram sees in eagerness the battle. Hanuman says even I am the rudransh so I will fight the rudra astra, I will summon all my 11 forms to fight this arrow. Hanuman brings his 11 forms and crates a shield with 11 gahda’s revolving around. Hanuman holds the shield with his power and says I will die but will not accept defeat. The rudra astra hits the shield, hanuman is pushed behind with the shield, hanuman’s shield is broken and the arrow hits hanuman’s chest and takes him flying into space hitting whatever comes in between. Hanuman is unconscious. Lord ram is worried. Parvati says hanuman is my rudransh, nothing will happen to him, he will come back.

As hanuman goes into deeper space, indra dev says rudra astra is taking hanuman deeper into space. As hanuman goes into space, he then gets flashes of lord ram and his promise to complete lord ram’s task. Hanuman stops rudra astra and destroys it and heads towards earth with supreme speed. His speed creates blue streaks. Virmani on earth says har har mahadev as his brother and son say too. Suddenly he sees a blue streak and say what is that sound? He sees hanuman and says this cannot happen, he is coming with so much speed. Hanuman comes with his speed and lands on ground stronger. Lord Shankar smiles. Hanuman says mahadev, my lord ram’s task comes first, today if I have to face any weapon of yours I will face it even if it is brahmand astra. Lord brahma is shocked. Parvati says why did hanuman say that? vayu dev says if lord Shankar uses the brahmand astra then hanuman will be in trouble. Lord Shankar says to hanuman that I will use the pashupat astra now hanuman. hanuman says mahadev I promise to not go back even a step and face each of your arrows. Virmani says yes mahadev, use pashupat astra, this time hanuman will die and wont come back like before. Lord Shankar looks at virmani angrily. Virmani looks down. Hanuman says I will face your arrows because it is my dharm to fight this battle and defeat you until I can complete the ashvamedh yag.

In heaven, indra dev and vayu dev say lord Shankar has taken pashupat astra, which is even more dangerous than the brahmand astra, it has the power of all living beings in this universe, maybe hanuman doesn’t know its power. Lord Shankar removes the arrow and shoots in space, it goes and stops above earth, the arrow then takes the power of all living beings in the universe, virmani’s power goes in the arrow and he says my power will be used to kill hanuman. all the dead soldiers and even shatrugan’s power goes into the arrow. Indra dev says we cannot stop our power as the arrow has called for our powers, what will hanuman do now? hanuman’s power goes in the arrow too, hanuman says even my power went in this arrow, it is a very destructive weapon. The arrow gets everyone’s power and heads towards hanuman. hanuman removes his bow and removes a divya arrow. A living being power soul hits the bow and destroys hanuman’s weapon. Hanuman is shocked. Parvati says how will hanuman fight without a weapon? Hanuman sees the arrow heading towards him with all the power souls of all living beings heading towards him.

Hanuman says I will not step behind, I will keep my promise to mahadev. Hanuman becomes huge and then opens his mouth, he takes all the power souls into his body as the arrow comes towards him. Indra dev says its impossible to stay alive after taking in the arrow itself, hanuman is not safe now. parvati says I cannot stay like this anymore now, if anjana was here she would have gone to take the power of the arrow just like she did when mahadev’s trishul was attacked on hanuman. I have to go and save hanuman as a mother’s heat cannot see her son die in front of her when she can save him. Lord ram sees through the fire and is sad. Sita now prays and says mata Shakti, please come and take all the power from the arrow, please save my son, he will die. As hanuman takes in the power, the arrow now comes close to hanuman. suddenly parvati appears on her lion with all her hands, she takes the power from the arrow, hanuman becomes small, parvati takes the arrow and destroys it and throws it in the sea. Indra dev says that mata parvtai came now, mahadev wont bear that. there hanuman says pranam to parvati and she blesses hanuman, her power brings all the dead soldiers alive and makes shatrugan fine, everyone is fine but pushkar does not get up. Hanuman says mata, your power has brought back everyone but not pushkar. Lord Shankar now says, devi what have you done? You should not have come in this battle.

Parvati says mahadev, I am a mother and I could not see my son in so much trouble, I had to save him, the arrow in the sea will become a volcano and will show the other generations that in a fight of a father and son, a mother suffers and she has to save her son. Mata parvati says hanuman is my rudransh and you are my husband, but this battle would kill hanuman and in a battle between a father and son, I have to come and ease everything. lord Shankar says I understand your emotions devi, but this battle is between a promise and dharm, so you have to understand that. parvati says please understand my love mahadev, I am a mother but as a Kshatriya I can fight this war with my son but if you want me to stop, you have to end this war. Hanuman is granted a sword by parvati. Lord Shankar says that cannot happen devi, you have to understand that hanuman has to fight this war for his lord ram and has to keep dharm above everything, you are proving him weak in front of the universe by helping him, you have to give him a chance to win against me.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman is fighting lord Shankar in space with his gadha, it clashes lord shankar’s gadha, they have hand to hand combat and lord Shankar says hanuman wake up the warrior inside you and fight me.

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