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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with lord ram and hanuman between the river taking blessings. Hanuman then sees someone, who is half lord Shankar and half lord vishnu and looks like hanuman. hanuman thinks who is this? He is half lord Shankar and half lord Vishnu but looks like me. Hanuman asks lord ram, I can see someone who looks like me and is half Shankar and half Vishnu. Hanuman says am I seeing something that my mind has made up? Lord ram says no hanuman, this is no kalpana, I will tell you the entire story. Lord ram thinks I have to tell hanuman the story before kalantar.

Lord ram starts and says there was a demon named mahashani who had got vardaan after prayers. Lord ram says mahashani had tormented all the trilok and he defeated gods one by one and now ruled bhulok and patalok, he then went to rule devlok which belong to the gods and devraj indra. Hanuman asks but mahashani was so powerful he could defeat all the gods? Lord ram says he was sure that he could defeat the gods. Lord ram says mahashani went at devlok, mahashani says indra raj come out of heaven, I will rule it from now. indra dev comes and says you fool mahashani, do you think you can defeat us gods? All the gods come.

Mahashani says it is good you gods have come, I will take all of you captive. mahashani’s hair then has lightning in them and they go towards gods. Agni dev and all gods attack mahashani, mahashani laughs and says you cannot do anything to me. Mahashani hits the gods with his hair and they disappear. Indra dev gets up and says mahashani! Indra dev summons his Vajra weapon and attacks on mahashani, nothing happens. Mahashani says indra dev your Vajra is useless, mahashani takes indra dev captive and takes him to patal lok.

In patal mahashani puts indra dev in jail. Lord ram tells hanuman that mahashani then forced varun dev to marry mahashani’s daughter, varun dev married mahashani’s daughter to save indra dev. Then as varun dev and indra dev and all gods were released and free to go, mahashani said he still rules heaven and no one else. Indra dev was angry. Lord ram says indra dev’s wife devi sachi couldn’t see this and she with indra dev went to brahma dev to ask for a solution to this, brahma dev said that a strong form created by lord Vishnu and lord Shankar could only defeat mahashani. Lord ram says indra dev and devi sachi then meditated at the banks of this river for years. After years of prayers lord Shankar and lord Vishnu arrived. Indra dev and sachi do pranam. Lord Shankar and Vishnu say we are impressed from your prayers and ask whatever you want.

Indra dev says Narayan and bhole baba, we wish the death of the demon mahashani and peace in trilok. Both gods bless and lord Vishnu and lord Shankar create the form and say this form of ours will be called vrishkapi. Gods go. indradev says vrishkapi kill mahashani, he has tormented this world. Lord ram tells hanuman, as he reached lanka in one jump, even vrishkapi reached patal lok in one jump. Lord ram continues and says as vrishkapi reached hell there was an earthquake. Vrishkapi then destroys all the soldiers and demons of mahashani. Mahashani says who is that? vrishkapi comes to mahashani and says it is me vrishkapi and I have come to kill you. mahashani says after years I will battle, it will be fun to battle a powerful opponent.

Mahashani uses his hair and attacks on vrishkapi, vrishkapi holds the hair and twists them and throws them away. Mahashani says how did you hold my hair? Mahashani attacks again but vrishkapi holds it and says now you will die, it will be your end. Vrishkapi uses a chakra and cuts the hair. Mahashani is shocked. vrishkapi then attacks trishul and a chakra on mahashani. Mahashani says no this cannot be my end, no one can kill me. The trishul comes and goes through mahashani’s stomach and his head is cut by the chakra. Mahashani is killed.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman says but lord ram, why did he look like me? Lord ram says because you were mahashani hanuman! you were born that time for this purpose and you went back after your purpose was over. Lord ram says in the same way even my purpose is over hanuman. hanuman is shocked.

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