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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


The episode starts with hanuman saying is it yamraj? Yamraj says yes hanuman and gets visible and says don’t see me. Hanuman does not look behind and says pranam yamraj ji. Yamraj says I have come here as its time for ravana’s death and I have brought my mrityu chariot but I am worried I amy fail as ravana is in possession of the mrityuban. Hanuman says yes I need to get it to lord ram. Yamraj says yes hanuman, you are sankat mochan mahabali hanuman and you have to get the mrityuban. Hanuman says yes lord but I tried my best and went to mandodari queen to bring the arrow but she did not give me the location. Yamraj says hanuman think and you are very intelligent and how to bring the arrow. Hanuman says yes there is a way and we can make ravana scared from which he himself will go to lanka to the mrituban to check whether its safe and its when you go and give him a visit and he gets scared about his death. Yamraj says that’s nice hanuman and I will go now. Yamraj goes. Hanuman goes to battlefield.
There ravana says this weapon of mine will injure you ram. Ravana attacks and lord ram attacks an arrow and destroys ravana’s weapon. Ravana is shocked. Suddenly ravana’s eyes see black clouds and hundreds of bulls coming and on one bull is lord yamraj the god of death. Ravana is very scared and completely shocked to see yamraj coming and thinks how is this possible? Yamraj says its time for your death and now no one will stop your death. Ravana thinks I possess my mrityuban and yamraj cant do anything but I have to go and check the mrityuban once. Yamraj goes. Sugreeva says why does ravana look so scared? Ravana then removes black fog and is about to vanish but lord ram attacks and the spell is wasted. Ravana says I will now show my real power to you ram, ravana attacks a green bolt and a dragon comes out, lord ram attacks an arrow from which a phoenix comes and it fights the dragon. Ravana till then sneaks out from the battlefield and goes walking into lanka. Hanuman gets small sized and flies behind ravana. Ravana enters a cave and hanuman gos behind him. The entry is then about to be closed by a huge stone door, hanuman says I should enter it before it closes. Hanuman enters and then goes and hides behind the kalash kept. Ravana looks and says I thought someone is here anyway it must be nothing. Ravana then prays 3 times a mantra and the mrityuban appears. Ravana says the mrityuban is right here and nothing will happen to me and no one will kill me but now I will go and kill ram. Ravana goes as the mrityuban disappears. After ravana goes, hanuman comes and becomes normal size and then prays the mantra 3 times and mrityuban appears. Hanuman says now its time for ravana’s death and I will take this arrow to lord ram. Suddenly mandodari comes and says isn’t this iniquity hanuman? And stealing the arrow like this and will your lord accept this? Mandodari then turns into hanuman and says so are you doing the right thing? No. this is iniquity and you too are walking the path ravana is. Mandodari again comes in her form. Hanuman feels guilty and says yes this is not right and lord ram wont accept it, hanuman then says no but ravana did iniquity by stealing this arrow from lord yamraj and what the great lord brahma has written in destiny has to happen and I am just protecting the destiny and doing justice and what I am doing is right. Mandodari gets scared and again turns into hanuman and says no hanuman this is not right, lord ram has always walked the path of righteousness and religion and even you do, doing this is not right and lord ram wont support iniquity. In heaven, the gods say hanuman has fallen into trouble and how will he come out of this? There hanuman says no lord ram wont accept this and says I will leave the arrow here. The form of hanuman and mandodari vanishes. Hanuman is puzzled but he takes his gadha and the arrow disappears. This time behind lord yamraj comes in his dharma raj form. Hanuman is pleased and says I am honored to meet your yamraj ji in your dharm raj form. Yamraj walks ahead and says hanuman takes this arrow to lord ram and this is not iniquity. Hanuman says but taking the arrow like this, lord ram wont accept. Yamraj says hanuman take the arrow and place it in lord ram’s arrow strap behind with him knowing and when it will be time, ravana will die. Hanuman says but lord ram not knowing about this will be wrong and iniquity. Yamraj says hanuman I am dharma raj and how will I permit you to do iniquity? And I am telling you to protect what is written in ravana’s destiny and ravana not dying when it is the time for him to die will be iniquity and not this so take the arrow. Hanuman thinks that if lord ram doesn’t know he has the mrityuban then it will be iniquity according to lord ram. What do I do?

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

hanuman says I will take the mrityuban and keep it in lord ram’s arrow strap behind. Hanuman takes the arrow. There lord ram is attacking the mrityuban. In Pooja ghar, the bells start swinging and ringing and mandodari says this is not a good sign.

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