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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with hanuman in amarkat lok and vidhurmali says hanuman our dharm is to fight by cheating as we are demons and today whatever you do, I will kill you. vidhurmali says the horse is on earth hanuman see. Hanuman sees and the horse is on earth where surrounding is vidhurmali’s amarkat lok. Hanuman goes there and vidhurmali too. Vidhurmali says you must have got the horse but now I will turn the planet and all the asteroids will crash and fall on you and your horse, you will die and so will your horse, that ram’s ashvamedh yag will be failed. Vidhurmali turns the planet and asteroids start falling, hanuman thinks what should I do? Experience defeats everything, hanuman remembers how in childhood he created a vortex which kept all the planets in position. Hanuman starts flying around earth, indra dev says what is hanuman doing? Vidhurmali thinks what is this monkey up to? Hanuman creates vortex and a time vault is formed from which all clashing asteroid go back on their positions and then from the force vidhurmali’s planet is destroyed. Vidhurmali comes in the real world and then falls down.

There lord ram sees the fire diminishing, rishi chyavan says there is a threat eminent. Sita thinks till sankat mochan hanuman is there, there will not be any threat.
There vidhurmali screams and says monkey you destroyed my planet and I will kill you. vidhurmali goes towards hanuman to punch but hanuman punches with both hands on vidhurmalis face and kicks him. Vidhurmali falls down and a pillar collapses and falls on vidhurmali. Hanuman takes the horse and becomes huge goes.
There pushkar and shatrugan are fighting ugradrasht. Pushkar runs and ugradrasht’s metal from hands becomes less. Pushkar stands and smiles and thinks the metal has now become less and I can kill him now. Ugradrasht sees and thinks so this kid was waiting for me to finish the metal and I still have some left. Pushkar thinks the metal has finished as ugradrasht is not attacking, pushkar thinks I will jump and attack on him now.

Pushkar jumps but ugradrasht attacks a metal ball. Pushkar dodges. Pushkar stands and then ugradrasht attacks on pushkar’s legs. Pushkar’s half body become metal and pushkar stands as he cant move. Shatrugan says no!! and then attacks an arrow and says now you will go to hell. Ugrdrasht teleports and comes behind shatrugan, pushkar says see behind you kaka. Shatrugan sees but ugradrasht attacks the metal ball and turns half body of shatrugan into metal too. Shatrugana and pushkar are helpless. Ugradrasht removes 2 weapons and says now I will kill this kid first in front of your eyes shatrugan, and then you. ugradrasht throws his weapon towards shatrugana and then is about to cut pushkar’s head when his hand is stopped by hanuman. ugradrasht says leave me monkey. Hanuman throws ugradrasht and stops the flying weapon towards shatrugan by his tail. Hanuman punches ugradrasht and he falls down. Hanuman with his tail then hits the metal turned half body of shatrugan and pushkar and then hits the soldiers turned into metal, they all become normal. Pushkar smiles looking at hanuman as hanuman looks at pushkar and smiles.

Ugradrasht gets up and runs towards hanuman and pushkar with his weapon but from behind shatrugan comes with his sword and kills ugradrasht. Ugradrasht falls down dead. Pushkar says to hanuman, that hanuman ji I now understand why I was sent for protecting the horse by rishi chyavan and kaka shree ram. They wanted me to learn everything of fighting from you. hanuman smiles.

In sky, nikumbh is angry and he goes to vidhurmali who is lying under rocks. Nikumbh says vidhurmali see what you have done. And why didn’t you use your granted power before? Because of you ugradrasht brother is lying there dead, at least now use your granted power to kill hanuman and the raghuvanshi’s. vidhurmali starts saying the mantra to get lord shankar’s trishul and says lord Shankar, the power you granted to me, I need the trishul and grant it to me. Nikumbh smiles and thinks I wanted vidhurmali to get the trishul of lord shankar. In heaven, lord shankar’s trishul starts shaking. Pravati says what is happening lord? Lord Shankar says many years ago when vidhurmali was praying fro me, I went to him. vidhurmali is praying and lord Shankar appears and says I have been impressed by your prayers and ask me what you need vidhurmali? vidhurmali opens his eyes and is amazed to see lord Shankar and has no power in his body, as he shivers, lord shankar blesses him and vidhurmali gets some power to speak. Vidhurmali thinks what do I ask? And do I ask power? But no I can anyway gain that and I will ask for the trishul which has the power of all three lok’s. vidhurmali asks lord Shankar and says I want you trishul lord. Lord is shocked. Vidhurmali says lord, wont you give your disciple what he wants when he prayed for you, for years? Lord Shankar smiles and says oi will grant you the trishul but, you can use it only once in your life when you need it, you will have to say the mantra and the trishul will come to you. vidhurmali says thank you lord. There lord Shankar tells parvati so I granted him the power. Parvati says but lord, he will use it to kill hanuman and all the raghuvanshi’s and for adharma.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : vidhurmali gets out of the rocks and gets the rishul as nikumbh is thrown away from the power. Vidhurmali attacks trishul and throws it on hanuman saying stop this now monkey. Hanuman stops it for as much time as he can using his power of wind. Indra dev says how longer will he do that?

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