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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with sita saying I will come but you both have to promise me something. Sita says my children should never know who I really am and they should also live amidst normal human beings only and I should be a normal woman to them. Sita says hanuman you shall never come and meet my children in your form and you shal meet them in a human form only, sita says they shall never know who their father is and even lord ram shall not know that he has sons otherwise this will make him and my sons meet each other and lord ram’s promise of abandoning me will be a waste, and that shall not happen. Rishi valmiki says daughter how shall I promise you this? And not tell your children your true identity. Hanuman says rishi I understand your pain but mata sita and shree ram are in pain and I shall promise mata that I will not go in my form inside your ashram as its result will keep lord ram’s promise true and even mata sita will be protected here. Rishi valmiki says I promise to keep everything a secret. Sita says even I want my sons to know about shree ram and his great victories and how brave he is so that they become great warriors. Rishi valmiki says brahma dev has also given me wish to write the ramkatha, so now lets go daughter sita. Sita and valmiki go towards the ashram. Hanuman sees them go.

There lord ram is in the balcony and laxman comes to his chariot outside. He angrily says I had to lave bhabhi maa sita in this chariot, I don’t want to see this chariot. Laxman takes his gadha to destroy it but bharat stops him and says laxman what are you doing? Do you want to destroy the one thing that ahs the touch of mata sita in her last time here? Laxman cries and says what do I do brother? I am so unlucky that I had to leave mata sita. Lord ram is in tears.

There valmiki takes sita in his ashram and all the women and rishi stand as valmiki comes in with sita. Everyone ask who is this rishi? Valmiki says she is my daughter bhumija, she is pregnant so I brought here to keep her in good health. Sita thinks rishi as promised kept my identity a secret here, how will lord ram live there alone? Sita is sad and the women help her and make her sit. Hanuman watches everything from outside the ashram from behind a tree. 2 women bring food for sita and say bhumija you should eat this in this health, it will keep you healthy and strong, other woman brings water and milk to keep sita hydrated. Valmiki is sitting under a tree and smiles watching this. Hanuman outside says mata has got some friends, sisters and a father now, but there lord ram is with everyone but still alone, and here mata is with everyone but still alone, they both are missing each other. A women tells sita to go inside the hut to rest, sita thinks the people here and rishi valmiki feel like family and this as my home. As hanuman sees, the demon comes and stands, he says I will go and eat those children. Hanuman says I feel the presence of some evil power here, I have to protect the ashram and mata sita. Hanuman says I shall find who the evil is. The demon becomes invisible and goes as caterpillar near the ashram.

There lord ram is in his room and sees his bed and his room. He says it feels lonely without sita, I am the ram of the people but not sita pati ram now. Lord ram sits and looks at flowers and is sad and has tears.

There the caterpillar comes near and says now the monkey can also not stop me. Demo turns into smaller caterpillar and becomes invisible, it starts crawling up the hut. Hanuman says lord ram must be sad there, he needs someone. Hanuman then sees something crawling and says I saw something crawling near the hut, I have to keep mata sita safe. Hanuman has an idea and says now I can keep mata sita safe. Hanuman goes above and revolves around the ashram flying and says jai siya ram, hanuman keeps saying when he creates a shield of the power of bhakti around the ashram, the caterpillar is thrown away. As valmiki sees, he says hanuman’s bhakti has created this atmosphere, it is a good atmosphere to write the Ramayana now. Valmiki writes the Ramayana. The caterpillar says this is keeping me away, how long will this monkey protect that woman? I will get in someday.

The song plays ram siya ram jai ram jai hanuman. As the song plays, time lapses and days pass as valmiki writes the Ramayana and lord ram and sita spend time remembering each other, lord ram has tears and sita too, they look at flowers and things and remember each other. After days go valmiki finishes writing the Ramayana. After some days, the sound of new born children crying comes from the hut. Hanuman stands and sees outside the ashram, valmiki gets up happy. Sita comes out with 2 sons. The caterpillar demon says now I will get the chance to eat them.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman says today is the day lord ram was born and how can I not be there for his birthday. Hanuman goes. Valmiki is not in the ashram, the 2 sons are in a pram. The caterpillar sees and says these children are alone, now I will go and eat them.

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