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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with valmiki saying I have written the Ramayana with the blessings of brhma dev and lord ram, now its only time the world ahead will read the Ramayana. Suddenly from the hut the sound of 2 children crying comes. Valmiki is happy and says the sweet sound of the children has come, the world will be happy more than ever. Sita comes out with the sons. Hanuman sees and says mata sita has given birth to 2 sons, everything is so happy. The animals are happy and run here and there and make sounds, the birds sing and come around the ashram, the trees swing and make a beautiful sound. Hanuman says I want to see how they look? How will I see? Hanuman goes from direction to direction to see the faces of the boys. The demon says there are the children, they are born finally, now I will eat them, but this monkey is still here, he will go sometime, then I will go and eat those children. Hanuman there says lord ram would have been so happy to see his children if he knew.

There lord ram is sleeping and he hears the sound of the children.
Sita keeps the children in the pram and all the rishi’s and women in the ashram dance and rejoice. Sita says rishi these are your grandsons, have you thought any name for them? You will name them. Rishi is happy and then looks at the children. There hanuman says I am eager to see the face of the children, I cannot wait anymore I will go in and see their face. Hanuman is going but stops and says I cannot go as I promised mata sita, I shall not break my promise, I shall wait here. There rishi sees the sons and takes a thin grass the children are holding, rishi says this is the khusha which is meant to be very pure and lucky, as this child held the upper part of the khusha, he will be named kush and this boy held the lower part so his name will be luv, the world will know them as luv-kush.

Then rishi sprays holy water on them and says they will be protected from evil. Sita says luv-kush happily! Sita says what sweet name it is. Hanuman says luv-kush wow! The names are so nice. Hanuman says please I want to see their faces, how do I see it? There sita picks her children in her hands from the pram, hanuman is now able to see and he sees clearly the faces of luv and kush. Hanuman says wow the boys are so beautiful, sweet and innocent, they are the sons of my mata sita and my shree ram. Hanuman is very happy. There sita takes her children to the statue of lord ram and then touches each their heads to either of the legs of lord ram’s statue. There lord ram is sleeping and the blessings touch his legs and then he feels as if children are at his feet. Lord ram wakes up and says what was here? I felt as if children were at my feet but there is no one here. Lord ram goes in the balcony.

There hanuman remembers today is ramnavami, it is my lord ram’s birthday, how can I not go and attend my lord’s birthday? Hanuman says I shall take lord ram’s favorite kheer made by mata sita, but how will I take it? There rishi valmiki is going back to the ashram, hanuman goes and stands in front of him and says pranam rishi. Rishi blesses hanuman. Hanuman says rishi! Today is lord ram’s birthday and I want to gift him kheer made from mata sita’s hands, could you ask mata sita to make kheer without telling her, I will take some to lord ram. Rishi says yes hanuman and goes.
In the ashram, rishi tells sita that sita! Wait! Today I feel like eating kheer, but from your hands. Sita says yes rishi, I will make it. Sita keeps luv and kush back in the pram and makes the kheer.
There hanuman takes the kheer and goes to ayodhya. Rishi and the women go from near the pram to do their work. Sita goes too. luv and kush are left alone in the pram. The demon sees and says today no one can stop me from eating the children, no one is there so it is my chance to eat them and even that monkey cannot go inside the ashram as I heard him say, so when I am in he can do no harm to me, I will go now. The demon turns into centipede and goes towards the ashram.

There in the palace of ayodhya, lord ram and laxman shatrugan and bharat are standing near the throne, everyone is coming one by one and gifting lord ram presents for his birthday, lord ram smiles but is yet sad. Hanuman is outside the door and sees and thinks there are many great kings and people who have come to give lord ram gifts but lord ram doesn’t seem happy nor do any brothers, he is in pain no guest can understand. Hanuman says today I will tell my lord ram the news of luv and kush, I cannot stop anymore, I want to see the happiness of his face when he knows about his sons. In heaven devi parvati says if hanuman tells lord ram about his sons then lord ram will not be able to stop himself from meeting his sons, he will bring back sita and his sons but as a result he will break his promise. After everyone finally hanuman goes in. lord ram looks at a bow he is gifted, then he sees hanuman and is happy.

Laxman thinks what made lord ram so happy after so many days? Everyone see its hanuman. Lord ram says my hanuman has come! Lord ram is very happy and he keeps aside the bow and goes to hanuman. Lord ram says my hanuman! What have you brought for me? Hanuman is about to tell about sita and luv kush. Suddenly hanuman sees sita’s form and sita says hanuman what are you doing? You promised to me you will not tell lord ram, do you want him in a problem? If he knows about luv kush, he will bring me and luv kush back and break his promised, then he will no more be maryada purshottam and his people will not look up to him. hanuman stops and looks down. then he thinks I shall not tell lord ram. Lord ram says hanuman what did you bring for me? Hanuman is hiding the bowl of kheer behind and thinks all the people brought great divya presents for lord ram and I have brought kheer, how will I give him? lord ram says hanuman what is there behind? Give it to me it is an order. Lord ram takes hanuman’s hand and takes the kheer and says it is kheer! Lord ram is happy and says from where did you bring the kheer hanuman? Hanuman thinks what do I say?
There the demon is crawling as caterpillar towards the ashram.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : demon is inside the ashram near the pram and says monkey I will eat them and you cannot do anything as you cant come in, so stay there and watch. Hanuman says I have to break my promise to save luv and kush.

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